Shantou Chenghai police arrested the suspects Jiefang jewelery shop

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-26
  Hemou Sen was sentenced for robbery. After his release from prison, he did not have the heart to work and his life was in jeopardy. He then made the case of robbing the "JLF" jewelry store, which caused the concern of the whole city at the end of last year. The reporter learned from Chenghai Public Security Bureau on the 18th that the case was successfully solved and He Mousen, who had fled to Xiamen City, was arrested and brought to justice.
  December 7, 2017 morning, Chenghai District Fengxiang Street Fengzeyuan "JLF" jewelry shop staff Liu same shop as usual, ready to open business and found the shop door was prized traces of the store a mess, a lot of Fashion necklaces for women Missing. Ryu immediately informed the owner and call 110 alarm.
  After receiving the report, the municipal and district public security organs attached great importance to the police in Chenghai immediately set up a task force to carry out investigation and case detection. After a preliminary investigation, "JLF" jewelry store at 4:00 on December 7 more than a man pretending to be stolen burglary, stolen gold necklaces, gold bracelets, Fashion popular women earring and other jewelry more than 100 pieces, the loss of value About 30 million.
  On the one hand, the police task force collected and fixed evidence on the spot to strive to find the clues involved in the investigation from the clues left by the scene; on the other hand, the scene of the crime scene and the monitoring of the surrounding road sections were taken according to the suspects' access to the scene Video analysis and comparison; the same time, the survey visited the shops and the masses in the past to investigate the clues involved and key targets.
  Through mass screening and analysis of video data and follow-up tracking, the task force gradually identifies the physical features of the suspects and the route of committing the crime. Under the guidance and assistance of relevant departments of Shantou Municipal Public Security Bureau, the police finally obtain the crime through summary analysis, comparison and judgment Suspected fled to Fujian Province after committing the crime clues, and immediately carry out inter-provincial chase operations.
  As the suspects strong anti-detection capabilities, many times to divert the hiding place, chasing the police day and night to fight, fought in Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen, three, follow the line. At noon on December 15 last year, with assistance from the Fujian police, police handling the case arrested a suspect named He Musen who stole the "Jinliufu" jewelry store in a restaurant in Huli district, Xiamen, Fujian Province.
  After review, the suspect Hemou Sen was sentenced for robbery before the release of his sentence in 2016 unwilling work, living in distress once again germination of the idea of ​​theft. Last November, He Mousen many times to Chenghai City, looking for theft, the final choice "JLF" jewelry as the goal. At 4 o'clock on the December 7th, Hemousen wore a raincoats, masks, gloves, carrying jacks, Ding pry and other tools of assault before buying on the roadside to smash the shared bicycle lock and ride the shared bicycle to the "Jinliufu" Jewelry shop burglary, pry the door into the shop, a total of Pirates of the gold necklaces, bracelets and other Pandora fashion stainless steel jewelry, after fleeing the scene, the resulting stolen money more than 80,000 yuan squandered, and one after another fled to Quanzhou, Xiamen and other places.