Rough style accessories can be more fashion after adding these

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-08
The sharp lines of geometric modeling applied to small earrings on the 42 dials one thousand jins effect. Any combination of circular, spherical and columnar stitching often results in a sense of design. Not to mention irregular geometric shapes, hard to see and smart modeling with hard metal materials, dramatic conflicts bring unique fashion sense.

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Ring earrings have long been familiar with us, and now the irregularly shaped ring earrings are exactly the version of hoop earring 2. With the simple version of the ring earrings, the street characteristics, or fancy shapes and special materials are superimposed together.

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It is easy to understand the "big gold chain". It is no longer the pronoun of "outbreaks" and "Earth", and it is not afraid that the rougher the rougher it is. Compared with the pure big gold chain, besides the thick, the popular chain necklace is also decorated with metal plates.

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When we find that the big gold chain has changed color, hip-hop street full of the big gold chain can also be elegant. But the odd color is especially test and match skill. In order to make the overall modeling more harmonious and unified, the details echo is necessary.