Rare! Dell, a computer maker, makes jewelry too!

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-31
Dell has developed a new industry project that collaborates with designer Nikki Reid to recycle old motherboards and design eco-friendly jewelery to minimize the environmental impact. Meilanxuan Jewelry wholesales on line to bring you the details of this news.

As we all know, most electronic products are used to such as gold, silver, copper and other precious metals, and mining these metals will destroy the environment is also a superficial truth. And most companies do not pay attention to the recycling of these materials, so the United States every year on the phone, the waste of gold and silver scrap worth as high as 60 million US dollars! So that the waste of electronic products is imperative! Currently, only 12.5% ​​of electronic products use environmentally friendly materials, many companies are still willing to use all kinds of metal materials directly, after all, such a small cost, low cost, large profit margins. However, Dell Inc. is different and has been committed to the development of environmental projects.

One of the projects is the collaboration with Los Angeles-based fashion designer Nikki Reid. Not long ago, Dell released "the Circular Collection" series of recycled eco-friendly jewelry, the gold used in jewelry are extracted from the old computer motherboard. And the finished product style as attractive as the new style Jewelry on sale. At the press conference, a spokesman for Dell also said that the starting point for designing this series of jewelry is to protect the environment because the process of reusing gold harms the Earth much less than traditional mining and processing methods. Jeff Clarke, vice president of Dell, also said: "Material innovation, turning waste into treasure is imminent. In fact, a ton of motherboard containing more gold than a ton of ore contains more than, for example, the recycling of materials Containing more business opportunities. "The series of jewelry exquisite, beautiful, price range, a ring price of 78 US dollars (about 509 yuan), a pair of cuff links priced at 348 US dollars (about 2270 yuan).