Pregnant women can not wear these things, must be taken off before delivery

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-05-02

1. For the safety of the mother

There have been many cases in which a woman couldn't take a ring after giving birth and his finger is ischemic. In the end, the fire officers and soldiers used the equipment to pick it up. Some jewellery is of special significance to the mother. They want to bring it when they have children and bring good luck to themselves and their children. MeiLanXuanCostume Jewelry is Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer.

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However, after pregnant women become pregnant, the weight of pregnant women will increase, and edema will occur in the middle and later stages of pregnancy. In this case, jewelry such as rings, anklets, and bracelets cannot be removed at all, and they stress the blood vessels of pregnant women. During delivery, maternal edema may be more serious due to complications during pregnancy, and if this jewelry is not removed in time, it may block the blood supply to the extremities, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the limbs due to the prolonged blood supply and disabled.MelLanXuan Costume Jewelry is also oem bangle supplier china.

2. For the safety of the baby

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Many mothers will want to see their children after having children. When the medical staff does the relevant treatment, they will take the baby to their mother's side, so that their mother and baby will have skin contact. The skin of newborn babies is very delicate and fragile. If a mother wears jewelry when she is holding her baby, it will be easy to scratch or scratch the baby. So the safety of children, mother before giving birth, it is best to take off all these jewelry.MeiLanXuan has produced many kinds of Fashion necklaces for women.

3. For the property of pregnant women

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If a pregnant woman wears jewelry to have a child, the jewelry may fall off during the delivery process because of too much force or emotional excitement, especially the ring. No one will pay attention to this during the production process. Once lost, it will cause disputes. I once heard a nurse friend say that one of the patients had previously lost her ring at the time of childbirth and only two days later discovered it. She insisted that there was a nurse who told her not to pay attention to her ring. In the end, doctors and nurses who mobilized most of the hospitals were found in one corner of the delivery room.