Pendant Fine Necklace and Choker

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-05-10
Pendant Fine Necklace

The style of the thin neck chain is the standard for the female Korean dramatist! Most of the females in Korean dramas wear this style. Although they may not be able to see it from afar, they are very careful when they are close.

In contrast, this style is more suitable for pure wind girls. Fine chain with delicate pendant and then with some simple models tops, solid style or striped style is a very good choice.

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In recent years, Choker has been one of the hottest fashion items. Among them, black choker is the most popular. Wearing a minimalist style outfitted with a Choker, femininity and vogue will be greatly enhanced immediately

This style is a very sexy, and very suitable for matching with deep V-neck and low-collar blouse, which will visually stretch the proportion of the neck.

Choker is also a good choice with shirts. You can unlock the top two buttons and look super sexy. This style is more suitable for girls with long necks to adjust the proportion, short neck girls may not be suitable

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