Jade and jewelry identification 4

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  • Release on :2017-07-31
Crystal identification
Natural crystal clear and transparent, often containing clouds, stars, spots or flocculent gas-liquid inclusions, and often have microcracks. In addition, natural crystal has polarized property, can see double crystal phenomenon, for example crystal sphere, from top to bottom, see, have double shadow phenomenon. 

Synthetic quartz or glass products, the body is pure, no cracks, the interior is often small bubbles. From the top view of the sphere, I can't see the double shadow of the lines below. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through china Titanium alloy jewelry wholesales.

With the feel of identification, you can feel the proportion of synthetic crystal is greater than natural crystal; natural crystal has a sense of cold, while the glass has a sense of temperature.

Olivine identification

Olivine is a green, medium yellow, olive like medium and low grade gemstone. The most common market for Peridot is made of colored glass. The main difference is that olivine is obviously a "double", but not in the glass; olivine often visible crystalline inclusions, containing only bubbles in the glass; the proportion of olivine 3.5, hardness of 7, than the proportion of glass (2.6) and hardness (6) to.

Pearl identification

Pearls are made of natural pearls and cultured pearls, and cultured pearls are made of sea water and freshwater pearls. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion necklaces for women.

Natural pearl production is little, the price is expensive; and cultured pearls can be produced in large quantities, so the price is much lower. The main difference between the two is that natural pearls and cultured pearls have no nuclei. The core of natural pearls is often just sand grains or parasites, not even nuclear. 

The cultured pearl is the kernel of the artificial production of large beads, so the outside wrapping layer is thin. On the surface of the body, the natural pearl because of its growth environment is random, the foreign body in the nucleus rarely rolling, its shape roundness difference. The kernel of pearls round, so after the Pearl roundness is better. Natural pearl because of the long growth time, so the beads after the texture of fine, thick layer of beads, smooth skin, and rarely have "convex bubble", and more transparent. 

The cultured pearl is short because of the sound of the bead, so the bead layer is thin, the texture is rough, the luster is "wax", and the surface often has some concave and convex "vesicles", and the transparency is poor. If it is a perforated pearl, carefully observed with a magnifying glass in the hole, like pearls, pearl in general can see a brown line, this is the dividing line between the kernel and the pearl layer into the later growth out of the.

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