Nirav Modi Launches New Season Infinite Knot Jewelry

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-02-23
Indian jeweler Niwa Modi Nirav Modi introduced a new season jewelry --Infinite Knot, with platinum, rose gold to create a three-dimensional winding knot, forming a zigzag "Infinity" infinity symbol of eternal love. Jewelry series include platinum rings, platinum necklaces and other suits, and rose gold rings, Fashion necklaces for women and so on.

The new series can be seen in heart-shaped pendants, bowknot-shaped rings, bracelets and rings connected by loops, each of which is extended by an independent cord - , Three-dimensional staggered shape of the diamond also increases the difficulty; rope end also embellished with two different sizes of drop-shaped diamond, like a natural section of the rope general, as the crowning touch of the design. Jewelry design supplier china praised this innovation.

The most complicated design is a necklace called "Ribbon Draperie", a total of 5 rose gold bead chain and a short drop of diamond-shaped diamond droplets, imitating the soft rope-like texture. The entire work was asymmetrical design, necklace is a three-dimensional winding side of the bow, staggered layers of wings, as much as possible to show the fire of each diamond color, bow down below the beads tassels, and swing necklace echoes.

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