New iPhone open wireless charging era? However, smart jewelry can be recharged over the air!

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-04
Our most common way of charging in real life is wire charging, and then a little more advanced may be magnetic contact charging. The latest release of the three iPhone mobile phones announced support for wireless charging, so many people exclaimed that the era of wireless charging is finally coming. But in fact they are using the common Qi wireless charging standard. In other words, these three new iPhone must be attached to the charging base in order to achieve wireless charging. However, let Jewelry design supplier china tell you that smart jewelry can be recharged over the air.

At present, the smart jewelry core has taken the lead to achieve smart wireless jewelry wireless charger - loosely coupled magnetic resonance wireless charging. As the name implies, magnetic resonance wireless charging transmitter and receiver are resonant way for power transmission, so smart jewelry core with the charger do not have to paste so close, do not require strict alignment, which can be loosely coupled way of electrical energy of the transmission, the greater the freedom of space, which can be more convenient jewelry design and appearance. This is also kissed jewelery core in the hardware research and development of a major technical breakthrough. In addition, the style of these smart jewelry are the same to new style Jewelry on sale.

Through a loosely coupled, a charger for all smart jewelry products, while taking power from the phone easy to charge mode, easy to solve because of the size of smart jewelry limited battery capacity of small pain points. It is understood that the kiss kiss is being developed based on the electromagnetic wave of wireless charging products, the environmental electromagnetic waves into current, current transmission through the circuit, to achieve long-distance low-power charging. In the future, you simply plug the charger somewhere in the room and wirelessly charge your smart jewelery anywhere in the room.

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