Men stole 700,000 gold and ridiculed the police

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-19
  January 11, Cenxi City, Guangxi Jiefang Avenue, a jewelery shop a burglary case, stolen gold jewelry and other property worth about 700,000 yuan. Police after hours of uninterrupted work, 10 hours after the incident, the successful hiding in Cenxi downtown area of ​​a residence suspects arrested Fengmou Hua.

  The suspect Fengmou Hua, male, 27 years old, Jinxi Town, Cenxi City, was sentenced to 11 years for theft and released just after his release in 2017. After being released, Fengmou Hua does not want to repent and is addicted to online gambling. Owed huge gambling debts, so Fengmou Hua once again re-run the industry, prior to Cenxi Jiefang Avenue, a precautionary measure weak jewelry shop(Gold plated rings for women) check-in, carrying tools for committing crimes in the early morning of January 11, 2018 pry open the shop sneaking into the store , The value of about 700,000 yuan of gold jewelry swept away.
  After the case, Fengmouhua was playing a gun at the inquisition of the civilian police and "deeply" for many years in prison. He considered himself to have a strong anti-reconnaissance capability and the police were fighting wits on their psychological characteristics. Fengmouhua knew guilty of blame blamed escape, truthfully confessed the crime of theft of jewelry(Pandora fashion stainless steel jewelry) stores, refused to account for the whereabouts of the stolen stolen goods, and challenged the handling of police said: "I was in jail set, where things hiding me Is not confiscated, you have the ability to police officers found out.
  Confronted with the suspicion of the suspects, the investigating police quickly adjusted the trial ideas and increased the suspect's escaped line of investigation, eventually ruled out the possibility of the suspects hiding stolen goods, the direction of investigation returned to capture the suspect's residence, After a detailed search, and finally in the suspect bedroom in an audio subwoofer stolen from all stolen goods, stolen with stolen goods recovered, the case came to light. Ironclad front, Fengmou Hua before the sweeping swept away.