May 2017 Shanghai International Jewelry & Gem Fair - Change Design

   The annual Shanghai International Jewelry & Gem Fair will be held as scheduled. Unlike in previous years, the sales cycle and long jewelry style in this year's mainland exhibition have appeared in the new changes. Traditional brands try to improve the k gold technology, young niche brand from the consumer experience to start, pay more attention to product positioning and design content. Also worth mentioning is the birth of the sun, from all over the country jewelry institutions, led by teachers to further expand the size of the school jewelry, jewelry exhibition to become a major highlight.
       Changes in academic power
       By the jewelry industry throughout the country as the main component of the college pavilions. Compared to last year, the scale to further expand to teachers, students of the school made contemporary jewelry has become a major highlight of this year. At the same time, the school party on environmental protection materials, design ideas and so on the direction of discussion, and more and more commercial jewelry market to bring new direction of change.
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