Jewelry classification 2

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  • Release on :2017-08-03
6. Peridot: Peridot is a self colored gemstone. The most common colors are pure green, yellow green to brownish green. Olivine has no colorless. The molecular formula is: (Mg, Fe) 2sio4. The olivine species include olivine, topaz, forsterite, olivine, twilight emerald, and boron magnesium stone.

7. Feldspar: according to Mineralogy, feldspars are divided into two main types: K-feldspar and plagioclase. The molecular formula is kalsi3o8 and naalsi3o8 respectively. A variety of feldspar, including Moonstone or ice feldspar, lapis lazuli or feldspar feldspar, elongated stone, milky way, or Amazon stone. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Pandora fashion stainless steel jewelry.
8.Jadeite:  jade (also called Jade, nephrite). Jadeite is a kind of sodium silicate and aluminum, molecular formula: NaAl (SiO3) 2. Nephrite is a calcium and magnesium silicate content, molecular formula: camg5 (OH) 2 (si4o11) 2.

9. Quartz: quartz is a gem of its color, pure quartz is colorless and transparent. The formula is sio2. The type of quartz crystal, including halo color or color red spots or quartz, Jin Hongshi Jin Hongshi quartz, amethyst, topaz, smoky quartz or smoky quartz, quartz, Aventurine, blue line Shi Shiying, milk quartz, quartz or sapphire blue quartz, tiger eye, eagle or falcon eye, quartz, star or stars quartz.

10.Chalcedony: also called cryptocrystalline quartz chalcedony. The formula is sio2. Chalcedony types include Moonstone, green chalcedony, red agate, carnelian, agate, chalcedony, stone, green onyx, Jasper, green chalcedony, chrysocolla chalcedony, silicified wood. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Jewelry wholesales on line.

11. Garnet: its crystal is similar to the shape and color of pomegranate seeds. The general formula for garnets is r3m2 (SiO4) 3. The types of garnets include iron, aluminum garnet, magnesium garnet, mafic garnet, manganese aluminum garnet, calcium iron garnet, calcium chromium garnet.

12. ZIRCON: color is red, yellow, blue, purple and so on. The formula is zrsio4.

13. Spinel: yellow, green and colorless in color. The formula is mgal2o4. Spinel types include red spinel, ruby spinel or spinel, ruby purple or similar Almandite color powder or rose colored spinel, spinel, spinel, spinel, orange blue sapphire sapphire spinel or spinel, like stone, black spinel spinel, magnesia spinel or spinel magnesium iron iron.

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