Jewelry jade certificate only fidelity non-quality, non-quality identification

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-05
Fujian Provincial Gem Association yesterday issued a consumer warning that consumers in areas such as jewelery consumption are being cheated or compromised interests, most are related to the  "certificate of accreditation". Fashion jewelry wholesale tells everyone that jewelry jade certificate is not a certificate of quality.

At present, the jeweler on the market gives every piece of jewels a "Certificate of Appraisal" for the inspection agencies, while the "Certificate of Appraisal" only proves the naturalness of the jewelery jigsaws submitted, not the quality evaluation or the quality appraisal. For example, the jade also has a certificate of authenticity, poor quality is only worth tens of dollars, good quality value of more than 10 million yuan, some businesses use such asymmetric information flicker consumers. Purchasing products in women earring on sale  should choose reputable merchants.

Experts said that at present all the domestic jewelery jade jewelry testing agencies issued a certificate of identification are based on GB / T16552 "name of jewelery and jade" and GB / T16553 "jewelry jade identification" and other national standards as the basis, identification certificate includes identification of treasure Jade species and its imitation, identification of gem synthesis, identification of gemstones are optimized, does not include the evaluation of gem quality, gem valuation of appraisal, gem identification of origin. For example, "Tian Huangshi" certificate, there is no one accreditation body can produce a certificate of origin Tian Huangshi, according to the Fujian Provincial Gem Society learned to the quality supervision department, the quality supervision department has not released "Tian Huang Shi" or "Shoushan Stone" geography Logo product-specific logo.

In a word, the certificate of accreditation of jewelry and jade issued by qualified inspection agencies based on the above two national standards only proves naturalness, that is, it only proves true and false.

According to reports, the use of jewelery identification certificate to induce consumers to buy high quality jewelry jade jewelry are the main places: origin, travel malls, shopping malls draw, fairs, Internet businesses (can not find the store). According to the feedback from Fujian Provincial Gem Association, members of the jewelery group purchased jewelry at the above locations. First, quality and price are high. Second, there are many fakes. Third, there is no quality and low price. Therefore, in the brand jewelry store or mall counters, trade jewelry shops or gold and silver jewelry stores to buy jewelry more secure. At the same time, Meilanxuan Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer is a trusted merchant, which has 13 years experience about jewelry making and their production follows highest standard.