The psychology of Jewelry 2

Jewelry is a ornamental value, economic value, the collection value of the goods, also has the rich cultural connotation and contains particular emotional characteristics of high-grade consumer goods. Jewelry shoppers have a variety of motivations for buying jewelry, and here's a look at the six psychology of buying jewelry.

Mentality 3: seek new
This is a purchase motive that is characterized by the pursuit of fashion and novelty. The new consumers are young people with a certain economic condition. They are the vanguard of trends. They emphasize the look and feel of jewelry in the shopping, the style is novel, the color is unique, the style is popular, and the quality of the jewelry jewelry is very much in mind. In the face of such customer, sales staff should be timely introduction of jewelry fashion trend and the characteristics of new products, under the temptation of "hip" as long as resources permit, can clinch a deal soon.Denyse woman's necessities, provide Jewelry wholesales on line.
Mind four: gift
This is a purchase motive that gives gifts to others in jewelry. Such consumer purchases are explicit, and the purchase of jewellery makes the receiver approve of the purchase. They have a wider range of purchases, depending on the subject. When they buy, they don't pay much attention to the details of the jewelry, and they care more about how the receiver feels. Therefore, the salesperson should let the customer realize that jewelry is a commodity that has ornamental value, economic value and collection value. Meanwhile, the longevity of jewelry can be used to keep the receiver in mind for a long time. 

Mind 5: store of value
This is an incentive to buy jewelry with a certain value and wait for it to rise. There are two kinds of jewelry consumers in our country who are aiming for a store of value. With a blindness that jewelry can hold their value as long as it is, and the other is with rich knowledge of jewelry and have more knowledge of the value of possibility of jewelry, with solid strength in the economy. For the first case, the sales staff to let consumers know, whether purchased jewelry has the value: the conditions of long circulating sex, rarity, irrefragable. For the second case, the salesperson can give some examples, emphasizing the quality of jewelry, celebrity design, celebrity making, designer and so on.

Mind 6: flaunt wealth
Some rich consumers rapidly, in the face of glittering jewelry world, they show the wonder, joy, also can show a little embarrassed, for such customer, sales staff can recommend some weight heavier, modelling is, let a person feel heavy while see psychological sureness of jewelry, this is a really have the purchasing power of jewelry consumers.Denyse create beauty for every woman through OEM Copper alloy jewelry supplier.
There are also those who are eager to use jewelry to express their identity, a group of consumers who are generous, quick, and well-behaved. In the face of such consumer sales people might as well say more praise them, to choose goods for them, enthusiastically as far as possible to meet their demands, also can be a little bit of their own Suggestions on euphemism, to help customers choose the more appropriate jewelry.

Jewelry sales competition, its essence is the competition for the consumer. Who can win the jewelry consumer, who can win in the fierce "jewel". Each sales staff to do this, you need to study hard in the competition of the customer, understand their needs, motivation of into the jewelry store, mobilize your expertise, just pour advantage lead customers, patience and meticulous service for the customer, regard customer as the life of the enterprise. If you need more information, please click Jewelry design supplier china.