Earrings, more stress than the dress 3

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  • Release on :2017-10-17
White pearl earrings
White pearl earrings is a woman jewelry box Must Have, it is like the temperament of March misty rain, nourish and reflect the beauty of a woman, white pearls may be small, pearl fineness can be general, the smaller the smaller the more able Add elegance, the greater the more suitable for 20-year-old girl, used to express the publicity of youth and chase the pace of time. 

Many Japanese and French women, jewelry boxes have a pair of white pearl earrings and white pearl necklace. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide women earring on sale.

Coco Chanel's classic image is also white pearl earrings plus necklace, gorgeous white pearl and its noble temperament complement each other, royal family members also like to use pearls to show elegance and fashion, Lady Jacqueline said: Pearls are are appropriate appropriate. White pearl really is called the world's most wild single product, it appears at any time any occasion, no matter what with nothing wrong.
Exaggerated earrings
In addition to highlight the elegant temperament of the white pearl earrings, women's jewelry box should also have some break the conventional style, it may not appear in your daily wear, but whenever you need to embellish on a special day, it always Is to give you a different kind of surprise. Those who are particularly exaggerated style, has a unique moral style, are dull days interesting surprise, it is an ordinary with the antidote. As long as they can be filled with a full story of the harvest, and dress together with the skirt clothes, the whole person is light and romantic.

Tassel earrings
The charming tassel earrings are the most romantic atmosphere, and it is also the most popular style this year, like a music with a dynamic rhythm, with the swing of the rhythm of the romantic rhythm, make people feel free and easy unruly, it should Is one that you can wear at any time.
Hair ball earrings
Even if the woman to eighty years old, should also keep a girl heart, pink and hair ball is the best representative of the girl's heart. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Jewelry design supplier china.

Earrings is the most beautiful woman jewelry, lonely days it swayed with you, lively when you add to the icing on the cake. 

Woman, you can not have a lot of clothes, but there must be able to decorate the different mood of the earrings, it accompany you in different occasions, more touch than the clothes.

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