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  • Release on :2018-04-26
[City, State]– April 19, 2018– Jewelry lovers now have more ways to take fashion to the next level. The new and quality jewelry of Shenzhen Meilanxuan Costume Jewelry Co., Ltd (Fashion jewelry wholesale) proves to be a sensation. A closer look at the jewelry reflects world-class talent and quality. The company has surprises for its customers that each of them would be grateful to have. 

Shenzhen Meilanxuan Costume Jewelry Co., Ltd has been offering quality and excellently made jewelry products for the past 15 years; customers proved the high standard approach of the company in making its products. The uniquely crafted designs are observed in the 925 silver, brass, beads, alloy, crystal, glass and much more. More than 10,000 products are shipped on a daily basis that comes with OEM/ODM support. 

The company upholds its aim in offering not only the best jewelry to the world. It also partners with global brand partners in creating luxury brands that customers love. The company is pushing forward for any milestone in its commitment and service to provide the best jewelry collection in different countries such as Middle East, South Africa and other countries. The company is under the ISO9001:2008, SGS approval due to the eco-friendly products it offers. 

The new jewelry designs undergo the Strict QC management process to prove excellent service(OEM service) to all customers. It enables the high quality of the brands that last for a long time and is competitively priced. Customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed together with the assurance of credible and trusted service. The jewelry collection is set to match the expectations of customers and clients through the supply and delivery process. 

The company is proud to announce its powerful supplying capacity that holds more than ten production lines. It also showcases a fast delivery approach to customers. The company has these and more for its valued customers.
About Shenzhen Meilanxuan Costume Jewelry Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Meilanxuan Costume Jewelry Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of fashionable and elegant jewelry(new style Jewelry on sale). The jewelry collection consists of 925 stainless steel, silver, and crystal, glass, Alloy, brass and many more quality materials. The company offers fashionable, and quality made products to customers around the world. Its products are competitively priced and distributed South Africa, the Middle East, and other countries.

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