Jewelery Black Technology: The Realistic Application of VR Jewelry

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-10
VR, the full name is Virtual Reality, translated into Chinese is virtual reality technology, encyclopedic interpretation is a computer simulation system that can create and experience the virtual world, which uses computer to generate a simulation environment is a multi-source information fusion, interactive 3D dynamic visualization and physical behavior of the system simulation, so that users immersed in the simulation system environment. Today, Jewelry wholesales on line for everyone to explain how VR technology used in jewelry.

With the improvement of living standard of consumers and the rise of young consumer groups after 80 and 90, the mainstream jewelry consumption characteristics corresponding to them are rapidly demonstrating to individuality from the basic needs of price, quality and value preservation. Consumer experience, emotional culture And other deep needs change. Nowadays, in this era of pursuing "fast" and valuing spiritual consumption, the desire of consumers for experiential consumption of jewelery is extremely strong. Experiential consumption is not merely for the sake of shopping, but a new type of pastime.

Virtual try-on device Magic Mirror can automatically identify the wearer's neck position, just touch the screen, the necklace will immediately "wear" on the neck; try on the ring to provide consumers with a custom mix of recommendations, When the customer pick favorite ring style, the screen will automatically appear with multiple jewelry styles, so that customers are free to choose; but also through the device photo and upload capabilities to scan the QR code in the form of real-time sharing to the social platform. Using this technology, customers can easily try on a variety of styles of new style Jewelry on sale.

Virtual try on jewelry system, completely subvert the traditional jewelry sales model. Touch Screens, Gestures, Motion Recognition These "human-computer interaction modes" make consumers the dominant players in the buying process, easily and quickly trying out various favorite jewelery with easy interaction with the device, enjoying the full enjoyment of the experience . At the same time, the system uses the big data to deeply analyze the habits and preferences of the jewelry consumer groups. The system records the user's operation behavior in real time from the client's usage platform, analyzes the user's preferences, the age group and the acceptance price, real-time feedbacks the data and analyzes the results, Facilitate real-time adjustment of product direction and marketing strategy.