Is jewelry afraid of hot? How to maintain the jewelry in summer?

Jewelry may shine and keep you hooked. But if it doesn't take care of it it will fade away. The arrival of summer means. You are about to face the intense sunshine and the constant sweat. So your jewelry will be vulnerable, too. Then you need to maintain the jewelry. That will make them shine.
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K gold jewellery
K gold is the most commonly worn accessory for the little fairies because of beauty.
◆But the summer to sweat to pay attention to, when K gold jewellery should often clean when surrounded by sweat, don't let them contact with chemicals, such as detergents, perfume, nail polish, emulsion, etc.
◆Every piece of jewelry should be kept separately from other jewelry or hard objects. Avoid friction between each other.
◆When you adjust the size of the ring and the bolts of the ear, please don't pull it together to prevent the ornaments from breaking and breaking. It is best to ask professional jewellery to adjust.
If the gold ornament is stained and dusty, it can be soaked and cleaned in a neutral cleaner that is diluted in warm water. Often use a flannelette to wipe still can maintain the luster of the K gold watch.

Diamonds have the highest hardness in natural minerals, but they are very afraid of oil. Because the diamond is oily and can easily absorb the oil and the stain to its surface, it reduces the luster of the diamond itself. In order to keep the diamonds longer, don't wear any diamond jewelry while doing kitchen chores, washing clothes or other dirty work. It's best to take off your makeup. Also want to avoid blasting bask in the sun, exposure to high temperature above 100 ℃.

General maintenance
First of all, it is certain not to touch soap, shower dew, shampoo, cosmetic etc.
Then, avoid collision or force. The jewelry is hard but the violence is distorted.
In the end, check the jewelry regularly, for example, if the gems are loose and the necklaces are strong.
The attention to maintaining them is always bright. Let the beautiful you shine all the time