How to tie a wide belt and thin belt correctly by fashion costume metal belt supplier

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-19
Choosing a good-looking belt can actually outweigh the sense of design, whether with trousers or skirts, or even jumpsuits with can show exquisite details.

Wide belt

The feeling of a wide waistband is very leisurely and casual, so when pairing a wide waistband, it is necessary to choose a clothing item that is relatively loose and full of the sense of the street, so that the two types of products can be complemented each other.Meilanxuan is a international fashion costume metal belt supplier,many style of wide belt in there

trousers+wide belt

When using a wide waist to match, the choice of trousers is to follow the principle of tightening the lower width as much as possible. For example, high waist wide leg pants or suit pants are good choices.

Skirts+wide belt

To dress with a wide belt, you have to choose a high waist style or half skirt style, high waist style can unconsciously pull the waistline, stretch the leg length, play a role in the increase.

Thin belt

The slender belt is a sweet and delicate interpretation. A thin belt shows your rigorous and capable personality. In the dress collocation, you should try to choose the same style of clothing such as shirts, jeans or suits that they can make you more charming.There are many belt wholesales in china, Meilanxuan is the best one of them

trousers+thin belt

Jeans, jumpsuits, or leggings are the best companions for thin waistbands because they fit snugly around the body and can show the body curve without the need for excessive decoration. A simple belt can be used. Solve it.

skirts+thin belt

The thin belt skirt must need the style of a long skirt and dress, only this kind of fairy goods can bring perfect and fine belt echo each other to form a perfect visual experience.