How to match reasonable jewelry after you cut your hair?

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-11-23

you can show fresh and neat when you cut off the long hair.  But it is very vexed that how to wear a suitable jewelry if you want to participate a party. You will feel sorry and ask yourself why cut the hair in this time. But it is short hair, how to create a fashion style? Meilan Xuan Jewelry design supplier china here to introduce you that short hair should be how to match the jewelry.

1. Short hair with a necklace is more suitable for the design slightly longer and thicker style. If you hair are thick, you can wear diamond necklace or rope necklace; thin hair is more suitable for wearing bright color necklace and earrings.


2. Long - haired people are more able to control the thin and short necklaces, which looks both mature and quiet.Do not worry can not find the right style for you, 2017 style Jewelry on sale will make you satisfied.

3. If your hairstyle obscures your ears, you can choose a ring design earrings. If you can reveal an ear, in order to symmetrical embellishment, you can choose to wear bright earrings. Then the necklace can choose a longer style.

4. Many long-haired girls always like to tie their hair up. This time they can choose what kind of jewelry to wear according to their own facial contours. In general, wearing diamond stud earrings or large ring earrings are a good choice.


5. Of course, if your hair color is relatively dark. Then silver jewelry can be well coordinated with the overall dress. It will creat a unique health temperament. 925 silver jewelry supplier china can provide you with a variety of silver jewelry to fit short hair.