How to judge the value of a piece of jewelry?

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-11-20
In the face of beautiful jewelery, I believe not many people can withstand its glamorous charm. Speaking of how to evaluate the value of jewelry, I believe everyone has their own standards, however, what are the factors that must be taken into account? The following Meilanxuan Jewelry design supplier china to introduce you, how to determine the value of jewelry? These four aspects are very important
Jewelry selection is the key

It is paramount to want to create a piece of fine jewelry, precious stones and inlaid materials. Inlaid with stone in the match, the bright diamond is absolutely the best choice, the use of true diamond inlaid can enhance the main stone of the sparkling effect, enhance the sense of gorgeous, creating a luxurious dream visual effects.

Finally, talk about the protagonist of jewelry - the main stone main stone quality has a decisive impact on the value of jewelry, in addition to considering the gem varieties, origin, but also to strictly its 4C standard, that is, the weight, clarity , Cut, color.

Another special note is that only natural gems have a collection value, artificial synthesis of gems is not natural, do not have a collection value.

Natural and scarcity

To identify the historical value of a jewelry, from two aspects, one is the design style, the classic design style can reflect the wearer's aesthetic taste and taste. On the other hand is to look at the precious stones embedded in jewelry, whether it has a rare and collectible value.

With the change of nature and the exploitation of mankind, there are only a few natural mines. There is less and less chance of discovering gemstones with pure natural, high quality and carats, and some gemstones have even disappeared. Therefore, a high-quality rare gem,  its historical collection value is very high.

To determine the historical value of a piece of jewelry, we must first determine the authenticity of its natural stone and the quality, therefore, the gem inspection certificate can also be seen as a jewelry certificate of value. In addition, to determine whether a piece of jewelry antique, but also need to appreciate the experience and equipment to help.
Inlaid mosaic process

How to make the gems play a restrained but elegant shine luster, craftsmen jewelry creation is the focus of consideration. Perfect handmade, flexible changes and meticulous design are the prerequisites for fine jewelry creation. A "good" piece of jewelery will make any wearer show "beauty" after wearing it.

Works show a sense of art

Creation of jewelry, "beauty" can be said that the pursuit of the goal. Creative inspiration, usually from real life. In the form of imitation, will be a little bit of real life, such as nature's flora and fauna, human emotions, turned into pieces of extraordinary pieces of jewelry.

Among them, various types of beauty is an important element of creation. "The shape is inferior to the resemblance", the successful jewelry works should be able to appreciate the deep beauty and charm of the source of inspiration from the works.

At present, the 2017 style jewelry on sale is carefully designed by the designer, which injects the unique temperament of artistic inspiration into the works, making the works contain endless ornamental and artistic values.

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