How to clean the black Earrings

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  • Release on :2018-05-30
Silver Ear Studs

Rinse with toothpaste

The toothpaste has a very strong decontamination ability. Just squeeze a bit of toothpaste on the ear nail, and then wipe it over and over again, until the foam is washed with clean water, or the toothbrush is used to brush the toothpaste directly, and then wash and dry with clean water is also possible.

Rub with cotton cloth

Do not need any washing products, direct friction is also effective, you can use the rough point of the cloth repeatedly wipe the surface of the pure silver ear studs, so you can solve the problem, but the fabric can not be too hard, you can choose denim fabric, basically every Individuals are still very practical.

Wipe with lipstick

This method should be heard by many people, but I don't believe it. In fact, it is very effective. Apply lipstick directly to the cloth, and then wipe the darkened area repeatedly with a cloth.

Wash with silver wash water

This method is very effective for cleaning black spots that cannot be cleaned by the above methods. When the above method cannot be handled cleanly, it can be washed with silver wash water, and then wiped clean.

Platinum Ear Studs

You need to have a cup of warm water first, then you can put the platinum earrings that need to be cleaned into the cup. Because direct cleaning may not be easy, it can be soaked for about 5 minutes.

Then, using an old toothbrush, squeeze the toothpaste like brushing your teeth, then brush the earrings as carefully as you brush your teeth. Because the ear stud is relatively small, many locations are not easy to clean, so you can slowly and carefully brush more.

Then rinse off the foam with water. If you do not find it particularly clean after washing, you can brush it again and brush it until it is clean. Finally with a towel and the like will dry like a new one

The reason of Silver Stud Earrings Blackening

The most important reason is oxidation, and secondly, it is chemically responsive to the sulfur in the gas and it turns black. There is sulfur, ammonia, etc. in the human sweat during wearing, which will cause the silver surface to be oxidized, so it will change color and lose luster. Many people say that silverware can detect whether the body is good or not because of the acidity and alkalinity of human sweat. When sweat is acidic, the white fungus nails will soon turn black.

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