How to buy ladies' belts?

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-02
1. Black or dark (brown, dark brown) or low saturation color. 

2. The width of no more than two fingers close together the width. Because I wear only jeans and because the hip bone is very wide, I can only wear belts, so I usually have two types of normal widths and thinner ones. Thin wide 2.5cm thick wide about 

3. 5cm3. There is no pattern of the basic models. Including body and belt buckle. Is a simple rectangular metal or oval metal. Because I use the belt just to play a practical function, there is no decorative function so the simplest OK

Black fine leather to get all the modeling. If it is a winter coat or a long summer coat worn by the belt to do fixed and decorative words. 1. Do not buy the form of elastic. Is in front of a bearded sparkling buckle and then a hairy widened plus elastic band, common in Taobao explosion paragraph waist down jacket with ... believe me! do not buy! 2. Windbreaker winter wear, bring their own belt to bring their own! Look at several fashion magazines according to the model of the Department of law.(Fashion jewelry wholesale in china) The more freely the better, do not tie a square bow! (But to tell you the truth, wearing a trench coat and a coat can be opened and the stomach covered with a long scarf.Shenzhen MelLanXuan Costume Jewelry belt wholesales in china

Even tied easily also look good

Even if the princess buckle the belt will take the tail take it!

Do not take the belt of jeans as a coat ah! do not do that! Even the most basic models will not necessarily look good! And then there are several do not buy: All bohemian / knit / tassel / color / pattern / with diamond / with flash / flower / crystal chain / Korean version of the key belt. Believe me, do not knit, do not want, except the skin of the material (such as cloth, thread, rope, chain) and other key words do not buy the belt. Do not hit color, do not hit color. Practical and basic color. Big red rhubarb big green white New Year out to throw it, if the belt must be exposed, or clothes Han color belt on the same color dark. Or the same color as a bag or pants or shoe.

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