How to Wear Multiple Earrings by Fashion jewelry wholesale

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-27
The arm Party is over. Although we are still FA stacked in the ring of stacking rings, a new way of showing the sense of jewelry level has emerged in every corner of the fashion industry. This multi - piercing trend breaks the delicate (delicate nails and pearls) and tenacity (a lot of piercing has been a bit bad, isn't it?) The perfect balance between them.(earring manufacturer china)
Now, when it comes to how to wear multiple earrings, you can do everything in the kitchen. However, if you prefer more guidance and strategies, look at the images below for inspiration. Continue to roll our favorite examples and buy the most beautiful works. We'll bet you can even book a double - piercing reservation.(Fashion jewelry wholesale)

There is no real part of the ear wearing earrings on the ear, so why not be creative in your position?

The asymmetry of the odd earrings is more natural

A simple spiral and blade pairing is a better way to cater for this trend.

Feathered earrings are ideal accessories for girls in Bohemia.

Hanging earrings are an fresh and new choice.

To create a bright spot, consider the use of pearls and diamonds to keep the ears inlaid.

The flower shaped stud is a sweet substitute for the typical ball.

While keeping all the jewellery in the same metal appearance, we like the unexpected charm of mixing gold and silver.(women earring on sale)