How much knowledge do you know about Bracelet ? 2

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  • Release on :2017-11-07
Greek mythology, purple crystal, is regarded as the embodiment of the beauty of girls. Legends of Dionysus barkus (Bacchus) in a drunken attack when it will pass in front of people, the female officer Amethyst (Amethtst) up the path to the attack at the expense of the moon goddess, she promptly HUAWEI crystal. 

Then from the drunken Dionysian blurred sober, it feel remorse for their actions, and carry Wine pour in the crystal, the crystal became purple. Because of this allusion, Amethyst has the meaning of "not drunk" in greek. The era of ancient Rome, in order to avoid drunk not wake up, then grasps the Amethyst cup roisterous at the party, happiness of the feast. 

The amethyst was regarded as "drunken antics can avoid all sorts of life ore]. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Silver charm bracelet wholesale.
Sixth senses
Amethyst is often regarded as the "stone of the church", and is used in special ceremonies. Amethyst has the spirit of improving consciousness, that is, to enhance the role of commonly known as the sixth sense. 

Put Amethyst in the position of third eyes, so that energy is gathered in the head. When you want your inspiration as Quanyong, or want to hone induction ability, can be made of Amethyst jewelry carry. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Jewelry wholesales on line.
Calling for true love
Pray to meet the right person and bring it to you. It will bring you a sincere object and a love affair. Guardian in love, let them from the blind and dangerous love away. It also removes impure emotions, makes the eye more accurate, and has the right judgment. Especially recommend to people who can't meet the real object, easy to be confused and love affairs are not smooth.

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