How much do you know about pearl" peeling"?

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-11-29
Pearl as a rainbow-like gem, has the charm of different gemstones, a long time have been much loved by female friends. Of course, people who love pearl also often find such a problem, many people buy pearl after a period of time will find the pearl peeling phenomenon, it will suspect bought a fake pearl. The first thing to say is that this suspicion is correct. The fake pearl is indeed peeled off, but this is not absolute. Pealing the pearl really for a long time really can cause peeling. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion necklaces for women.

It is worth mentioning that, not all pears will be peeled, peeling pearl will only be limited to the seawater cultured pearls, pay attention to seawater cultured pearls! This concept can not be confused. There are many reasons for this issue of why pearl cultured seawater is peeled off. First of all, let us first understand the structure of pearl.

Pearls are formed by the gradual accumulation of substances secreted by shellfish mollusks' epithelial tissues. Both seawater pearls and freshwater pearls are similar in mineral and chemical composition and have a stable structure. The minerals that make up the freshwater and seawater pearls are very single, mostly aragonitic, containing a small amount of aragonite or calcite. From a structural mineral point of view, the more aragonite minerals are contained in the pearls and the longer these aragonitic The smaller the crystal, the better the quality of the pearl. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Fashion necklaces for women.

From a chemical point of view, compared with seawater and freshwater, the trace elements rich in seawater is usually much rich than trace elements in freshwater, as is the case of seawater pearl and freshwater pearl, because of its different environment, seawater pearl Obviously rich in Na, K, Mg, Sr and other elements, while freshwater pearls are obviously rich in Mn. The difference of trace elements in pearl is closely related to the water body of its existence, and the Sr element has a great relationship with the stability of Chinese pearl in seawater pearl.

And then from the breeding point of view, from the farming methods of seawater pearls, are generally used in the plug-in breeding techniques to stimulate the shellfish secretion material to wrap this bead core, that is, the formation of a pearl, its wrapped material People often say that nacre, nacre. Its thickness is usually between 0.3 and 0.8 mm, which is related to the length of the seawater pearl culture. The culture of freshwater pearls are generally used non-nuclear breeding techniques, which are basically nacre, is a lot thicker than seawater cultured pearls. 

After a simple understanding of these, it is clear why the cultured pearl will "peel". The main reason can be explained from these two aspects. On the one hand is the reason why the seawater cultured pearl itself, because of its breeding time is not long, nacre thin, we will inevitably wear a certain degree of wear and tear, resulting in the pearl layer off. Once again, the pearl contains trace elements absorbed by the body, stabilizing the structure of the chemical reduction, it will have a certain impact on the nacre. On the one hand is the man-made factors, and improper maintenance in the use of the process, there is no proper maintenance of pearl, long-term wear body sweat and chemicals exposed in life eroded the pearl, accelerating the pearl layer off. 

Of course, the pearls may not be peeled and the cultured pearl is not necessarily the same. The pearl luster coated with fake pearls will drop when worn for a long time. Therefore, when we buy pearls must be identified authenticity of the pearl, because it is an organic gem, wear the process should also pay attention to maintenance, or peeling pearls lost their original luster and beauty, would not it be a pity.

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