How did Pearl become a fashion big element?-Oem bangle supplier china

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-30
Pearl is something that many girls have always felt should be lying in the mother's or grandmother's jewelry box, but this year, many brands put pearl elements inside the clothes and shoes ~ jewelry has also been greatly improved. Let pearls look stylish and fashionable.

Mention of pearl elements cannot help but say that this pair of pearl shoes Gucci, the pearl inlaid on the heel has a vintage sense of fashion, with nine flared pants really look good

The style of boots and sandals, the decoration of the pearls on the shoelaces, has changed from a retro style to a girlish style. 

In addition to gucci, Chiara Ferragni, the first blogger in the universe, has recently put on a pair of miumiu pearl slippers that are gorgeous and stylish.

Chanel, who loves pearls, certainly will not miss this trend. She put the pearls on the heels, and the fine details in the elegance look very delicate.

There is also a tough and elegant combination of shoes and pearls that collide with Celiac. Wearing them will definitely not knock them out. This pair of shoes is really bad to buy. Friends in foreign countries help to make a living and wait three months. It's only hand-but it's worth waiting for.

In this year's bag you can also see a lot of pearl elements, the size of pearls inlaid on the bag is relatively large, so that looks atmosphere, with the retro bag type, looks like a medieval girl.

Or like Chanel, the entire bag is made into a giant big pearl. It is absolutely attractive.Madam is also a grass only this bag but the price is really too expensive.

The clothes can also see pearls everywhere, like on cuffs, buttons, slings, etc. The embellishments of this detail can make you look more stylish.

When it comes to accessories, girls definitely want to collect one or two pearl accessories, but afraid of the old. The key to this year's fashion is to be big! Although the small SIZE pearl accessories are elegant but can not help but old-fashioned feeling, the big pearl is not the same, exaggerated and simple design makes you look fashionable.

Girls with personality can try pearl-decorated sunglasses, that can make you look very Parisian style

Many of the elements come from popular things that were previously very old or are single products that people call old-fashioned. But the trend of fashion has once again made them popular again.