Guangzhou International Jewelery Fair held in Guangzhou grand

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-16
Recently, the "Guangzhou International Jewelery and Gem Fair, Art Collection, Handicrafts, Classic Mahogany and Tea, jointly organized by China International Business Promotion Association, Guangdong Jewelery & Gem & Jewelery Industry Association, Guangzhou Arts & Crafts Industry Association, Hong Kong International Jewelery and Gem Association, Collection Expo "in Canton Fair Pazhou Complex C area held a grand. At the meeting, more than 30,000 items from the world wonders treasures and treasures of civil crafts at home and abroad to the public free of charge open to visit. The number of participants is very impressive, most of the public on the Pandora fashion stainless steel jewelry and other works of art investment enthusiasm is still very hot.

A reporter visited a number of jewelry jade stalls, sales staff enthusiastically introduced to reporters, "This is a very popular agate bracelets favored by the public, especially near the New Year, most of the Bennongnian audience will be happy to accept this a bright red Gift. "When asked about the main buying group, the salesman said" Older seniors will be more desirable and children would be more than happy to buy the elderly as a gift. "The reporter asked about the price, in fact, the average price was at 500 Yuan or so, the highest seven or eight hundred, the lower three or four hundred.
Side of the Yunnan Huanglong booth, fresh color, water Lingling is very lovable. Citizen Aunt Zhang said in an interview, "This bracelet made of Huanglong Yu I very much like the first two years my daughter bought me one, but now wearing a little bit big, and always fall automatically, I want to come over to see, but also to keep her daughter from worrying. " When a reporter asked not afraid to buy fake jade it? Zhang aunt said, "still depends on the price with the feel, the general price there, there will be no fake. And it is not here, there is no accreditation body, I am good again shot.
Reporter saw the scene has many people Amoy to their favorite jade jewelry, and some holding turquoise pendants, and some bought the emerald particles, and some stalls in the long and wandering Tian Tian, ​​bargain with the store. This reporter interviewed the staff at the scene, the staff surnamed Li said to reporters, "We actually have two exhibitions this year, the next exhibition held in September. The public can Amoy to their favorite favorite baby, as Investment as a gift as a collection is a good choice.Really want to invest in the collection still need to polish your eyes, but we also have a special identification agencies here to help you.As for the few dozen dollars you just mentioned jewelry(2017 style Titanium alloy jewelry) jade , You can play, it is not false.

Reporters in the two large exhibition area to see, in addition to jewelry jade, there are more handicrafts, collectibles booths, such as incense, sandalwood, mahogany furniture, ceramics, teapot and so on, an array. In a "Vietnam Nha Trang incense" booth, the salesman told reporters the process of incense, incense products, curl light smoke, along with the smell of incense from the nose. The salesman said, "These incense or incense sold several good, these several incense Indonesia, Nha Trang, Vietnam and Dongguan Wan Hong, in the elderly groups and some working-class are more favored, and the price is not Reporter saw 100 yuan you can buy a good 5-tube Vietnam incense string incense. In some big pieces, bracelets, incense wood carvings, many citizens have also thrown the meaning of investment collections, which is before the arrival of the Lunar New Year, an investment hotpot.