Golden jewelry industry channels change, B2B platform usher in the spring

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-17
In the change and progress of the times, the channel has shown a constantly updated attitude. In the gold jewelry industry, the current new attitude of the channel is the B2B platform that has drawn much attention in recent two years. In particular, large-scale 2017 style Jewelry on sale through the B2B platform.

For the B2B platform that has appeared in the past two years, its speed is too fast to occupy market customer resources at an alarming rate. Such B2B platform, has shown a strong vitality and advantages, such as the solution to the high historical stock, unruly turnover; traditional stock purchase difficult, the cost is too high; product updates quickly, old-fashioned and other industry-specific common problems. Jewelry wholesales on line Sales through the B2B platform have become a trend.

As we all know, in the jewelry industry, terminal retail stores have a fixed supplier, which is a long established relationship.

Terminal retailers and suppliers are more than just a simple trading relationship between goods, they also have a financial support relationship between - suppliers can be directly credited to the retailer to allow more years of cooperation and better qualified retailers In order to pay part of the funds in the form of, to obtain more than the full amount of funds required for the product, either credit, you can also stretch the account. Compared to many nascent B2B platforms, they probably still can not meet the rigid needs of the terminal retailers. This mode of operation of the traditional channels, making the traditional form of wholesale is still dominated by the mainstream.

Moreover, the procurement of jewelery category, diamonds and other jewelry procurement cycle is generally about three months. The first batch of stockpile or purchase these jewels, the general retailers will personally go to Shenzhen water shellfish selection. Terminal jewelry store owner purchases are generally rely on the eyes to see, seen the goods, before deciding whether to purchase. Unless it is replenishment, a fixed model, style, etc., the terminal retailer orders directly in the B2B platform for replenishment.

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