From the stars: olivine

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In 2011, NASA observed an upsurge of olivine rain on a growing planet through the Spitzer Space Telescope. Small crystals of olivine go through the gray atmosphere and land like rain. NASA researchers speculate that the cause of this olivine rain is the strong air currents around the planet that take olivine crystals from the surface of a mature planet through the atmosphere, losing momentum , The olivine just came to this unformed planet, resulting in a dazzling and romantic peridot rain. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Jewelry design supplier china.

The picture shows a conceptual image of an artist inspired by this phenomenon
The well-known olivine with a bit of yellowish green in the green is in fact more abundant and common on planets other than Earth. Related researchers in many meteorites, stone meteorites found its trail. These meteorites may have originated from a rocky planet in the orbit of Jupiter and Mars, or from a giant asteroid to the development of a unique inner core with a demonstration and a metal.
Olivine iron meteorites are recognized as representatives of an asteroid or foreign planet, its structure and composition more or less shows the stars of some of the material composition, surface or core composition and other information. Unlike olivines, olivine iron meteorites are enveloped by an iron-nickel matrix that is also different from olivine and usually belongs to fayalite.

The picture shows an Esquel olivine meteorite from the province of Chubut, Argentina. Large, colorful and oval-shaped olivine is typical of this type of meteorite, the closer the original quality of the olivine where the more the initial green, and the more distant, the olivine will slowly show a yellow , Orange.
Peridot in the surface can be regarded as ubiquitous, but also a very important kind of surface material. It is generally believed that olivine was brought to the surface from deep into the ground by the numerous volcanic spells it was long ago during volcanic activity. Therefore, the content of olivine should not be less in the ground. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion jewelry wholesale in china.

The photo shows one of Papakolitan beaches in Hawaii, one of the world's most famous green beaches (the other in Guam in the Western Pacific) that are truly peridot, jasper-clad sandy beaches. Hold one to observe, some of which are white coral white, black is basalt fragments.

There are actually two types of olivine spoken of, one is Olivine and the other is Peridot, but in Chinese they are uniformly translated as olivines. Olivine can be seen in the general market gemstone faceted crystal is the latter, it is a variant of Olivine.

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