The psychology of Jewelry

Jewelry is a ornamental value, economic value, the collection value of the goods, also has the rich cultural connotation and contains particular emotional characteristics of high-grade consumer goods. Jewelry shoppers have a variety of motivations for buying jewelry, and here's a look at the six psychology of buying jewelry.

Psychological 1: ask beauty
This is a purchase motive that is characterized by the pursuit of the value and appreciation of jewelry art. Important reason people like jewelry, is hope with the beauty of the jewelry to foil their beauty, consumers can buy jewelry to wear, the purchasing motivation is the most basic of beauty.
Jewelry sales staff in helping when consumer choose and buy, should attach great importance to the beautification effect of jewellery on the human body, according to the wearer's face, hand type, shape, color, choose the color, shape, style and the collocation of jewelry. Keep in mind that this is the most basic requirement for jewelry consumers. Denyse woman's necessities, provide Fashion rings on line.
Mind 2: seek emotional satisfaction
This is a purchase motivation based on the pursuit of emotional satisfaction. Such consumers emphasize the significance and symbolism of jewelry in their shopping. Such in jewelry consumption accounts for the vast majority of consumers, mainly including consumers due to get married to buy jewelry, because buy jewelry consumers for their anniversary, because of the mating buy jewelry consumers, because of the blessing, birthday anniversary jewelry consumers to buy.

Consumers who buy jewelry for marriage
Marriage is a big thing in life, the wedding ring is regarded as the faith of love, it is on the hope and wish for the future life. To this end, most new people will be careful about the diamond knowledge, carefully select the style of diamond ring, the quality of diamond, the after-sale service of diamond ring. This case sales staff have to do is to know the new heart can withstand diamond price, in this price to help the design of new type selection of hand for the bride, and in a timely manner and to the bride's praise to increase the bride-to-be's imagination.
A consumer who buys jewelry for a wedding
Some consumers are buying jewelry for wedding anniversaries, such as the fifth anniversary, the 10th anniversary, the silver wedding and the golden wedding. There are several things to note here.

A situation, both sides of husband and wife of the original economic condition is not very good, family living conditions improved in recent years, the husband to thank his wife for many years for the family contribution determined on the anniversary of his wife to fill a diamond ring and other jewelry. So the husband has a strong desire to buy, and the wife is likely to hesitate to spend so much money. In the face of such couples, sales personnel should careful observation, to know who is buyer decision, can recommend some suitable models try to his wife, and for his wife to the appropriate encouragement and praise, at the same time to pay attention to the performance of her husband, is the affection of the husband gives his wife give affirmation and praise, as long as the service is proper, the successful completion of the transaction can generally.

In another case, some couples buy jewelry for their wedding anniversary, even for marriage and silver. On the one hand, they are satisfied with their marriage, while also on the other hand. In the face of this consumer sales person, can recommend some high-grade jewelry appropriately, highlight the long spread of the jewelry. Denyse create beauty for every woman through china Titanium alloy jewelry wholesales.
Consumers who buy jewelry
This purchase is motivated by the fact that men are shopping for gifts for women on holiday or on special anniversaries. The main psychological thing for men to choose jewelry is to make their girlfriend happy. So the sales staff in addition to ask girls physical characteristics is introduced in suitable for jewelry, it is important to note that help customers lenovo, the joyful mood when girls wear jewelry, let the boy's heart is self-evident in the present.
Consumers who buy jewelry for blessings, birthdays, etc
Such consumers are widely available, and men, women, old and young are likely to buy. Such as the elderly to buy for their children, young people for friends birthday gifts to buy, or for his birthday, especially in "the life" buy, buy jewelry class, value range is very wide, it is possible that a few yuan, hundreds of yuan small jade pieces, also may be tens of thousands of yuan of high-grade product. Such when consumer is bought to see is the language of jewelry and cultural background, in the choice of purpose is clear, the sales staff need to have some jewelry humanities knowledge, to understand the purpose of customers to buy, can withstand the price, appropriate to introduce some jewelry culture, can better deals. If you need more information, please click 2017 style Ring wholesales.