Buy jewelry, how many years have you been fooled?

We all love the beautiful appearance of precious stones, but the people who really know about gemstones are few and far between. Meilanxuan woman's necessities, provide Fashion rings on line.
Jewelry consumption mistake 1: the origin of superstition jewelry
Many people now take advantage of tolerances, travel opportunities, jewelry and jade products, because they believe that they can buy a bargain. If you go to xinjiang to buy a jade, go to South Africa to buy diamonds, go to Brazil to buy colored gems, go to Burma to buy jade, etc. In fact, the origin of the jewelry is not the cheapest, even more expensive than normal market price, there are quite a part of them are treated with artificial or counterfeit. Why is that? Because consumers completely forget: first of all, the average consumer jewelry appraisal ability is extremely limited; Secondly, ordinary consumers know little about the market of jewelry. These two points determine that consumers can find cheap and good treasures in jewelry producing areas or hubs, and the chances are low.

Jewelry consumption mistake 2: in the folk, the floor can buy real goods
Over the years, based on the idea of "good things hidden in folk", this kind of private buying has become more and more. This behavior requires a very good knowledge and vision for the buyer. It is also proved that, with the increasing popularity of private collections, the fabrication of ancient jade has matured and formed a complete industrial chain. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Gold plated rings for women.
Jewelry consumption mistake 3: perfect theory of jewelry quality
Many consumers do not like your jewelry jade internal defective, thought it is not perfect, so careful when choosing jewelry, lest I buy inside with a trace of impurities or very fine crack jewels. In fact, natural gem jade inevitably will have some such or such minor defect, as long as do not affect the external beauty of the jewelry, do not affect the durability of the jewelry, it is not a big problem. Rubies, emeralds, and emeralds are almost impossible to buy.

Instead, there is natural growth in the interior, which shows the natural properties of the jewelry. Even some natural inclusions can make gemstones unbeatable and greatly improve their value. Such as the cat's eye effect, the starlight effect and so on. If you need more information, please click Fashion alloy casting brooch supplier.