How to solve the nine ways of maintaining jewelry

In fact, there are many details that must be paid attention to in the maintenance and cleaning of jewelry, such as: don't touch jewelry with your hands often; Do not allow perfume to be sprayed onto the jewelry. The pearls should always be soaked in water to replenish the humidity. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is not commonly used, and it is necessary to check regularly for loose drillers... And so on. There are nine kinds of things that should be paid attention to and the maintenance method is provided for the consumer to avoid unintentional injury.

Cleaning jewelry with toothpaste? Error!!!!!
There is a saying in the jewelry ring that the use of a toothbrush with toothpaste on a piece of jewelry makes the jewelry look fresh. Clean jewelry is should, but with toothpaste is not ideal, because toothpaste contains subtle high hardness material grinding particles, the particulate matter was small but the hardness up to six or seven degrees (almost the same as the crystal), so clean with toothpaste can damage than low hardness of the surface of the gem crystal jewelry, especially the pearl, gold and k gold surface; Pearls are definitely avoided, and the most correct solution should be a diluted neutral surfactant (such as salad removal and baby shampoo). Denyse woman's necessities, provide Fashion jewelry wholesale.
Don't touch often
Jewelry to wear in the body that protect clean, looks very simple actually is not easy, many people saw beautiful jewelry, it can not help but hand touch stone surface, doing this will influence the luster of the gem and brightness.

People from time to time on the surface of the skin in vivo excretion of sweat and oil, hand is the easiest way to touch parts of the body, so the skin of oil contamination in one's hand on the surface, often touch stone, the hands of the oil is easy to stay on the gem, and influence the luster of the gem and brightness. Especially the diamond belongs to the oily gem, the surface is easy to be stained with oily quality, greatly affect the luster. But the jade white jade belongs to the aggregate structure, often to touch it can make the jade more moist and lovely. Denyse create beauty for every woman through Fashion jewelry wholesale in china.
Tap water damages the luster of the pearl
Some people wear a few times after pearl want to cleaning and maintenance, but the wash of jewelry with tap water for a short impact is not big, but if used to soak the pearl, is a no-no. Since there is a fixed amount of chlorine (c1) in tap water, it will damage the luster of the pearl's surface.
Also wear a pearl and then send it to the bank's safekeeping box before it is sent to the bank to be washed and maintained before the dirt accumulate too long to change the color of the pearl. And file for the cash bank safekeeping, due to the relative humidity is low, its storage conditions are not suitable for pearl tide hengjing properties of gems, such as pearl, protein... Wait, therefore, must be removed every other time, bubble water maintains and replenish humidity.

Take it at the right time, it's maintenance
Proper jewelry should be worn by people, things, times, places, and things, but it may not be possible for busy modern people. But at least is best when hand washing will remove it, because some of the soap with varying degrees of alkaline material, accumulate over a long period of weaker gem, can cause an injury, and soap in the soap's also easy to card in the fine seam of ring, thus greatly influence the luster of the gem and brightness. Besides, bathing, doing housework, swimming, etc., can also easily cause the gem to collide and injure.If you need more information, please click Fashion popular women earring.