Women learn to wear earrings better than "shaving"

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-09-15
The girl delicate life will be from head to foot, even small earrings, we also need to consider what a earring with what clothes, what pick what will face their own shortcomings in earrings, earrings to hide it, create a shiny own.

So we are still old stems from the face, and pick up a bunch of earrings those things. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion popular women earring.

1. round face

Earrings rules and sunglasses similar, round face girl should not wear Round Earrings (not enough circle, slender type ang) wearing earrings, nature is better. Remember, this year, all kinds of asymmetry, earrings are the easiest to play asymmetrical parts. Since they've all pulled out irregular earrings, it's recommended that you try out irregular geometric Earrings this year. You can also wear an earring with a 28 point chic hair style. In short, this is really a well worn summer. Exaggerated earrings are also popular this year, is also not suitable for a girl (poor ~), can you recommend a unique style of earrings, a little.
2. square face, diamond face
We all know the unspoken rule is, don't wear earrings square slightly, all lines of diamond and square every rhythm style, all OUT...... The same selection of long strip lines are more rounded earrings, teardrop shaped is the most perfect, such as a series of two downstairs star earrings.

Another unwritten caution is that when the sister wears earrings, the lower end of the earring must not be cut into the corners of the face, Qi Ping. This will only focus on the widest part of your jaw. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through 2017 style Titanium alloy jewelry.

3. long face
Long face girl is very suitable for wearing earrings, except don't bring slender earrings, try boldly exaggerated Design Earrings, very harmonious! The earrings are just the right size and style.

The girl wearing earrings long face, don't exceed the length of the chin, it will lengthen the facial lines. A wife two face, but you do not know is that the face really is not suitable for large circular earrings, will only make the face become really accelerated awl. Similarly, inverted cone earrings are not suitable for seeds, in addition, how to wear. At the end of this year as an oval face, very suitable for Asymmetric wind earrings!

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