Key points of jewelry identification

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  • Release on :2017-07-18
Transparency and color
In order to identify may doubt in the minds of the mineral list gradually narrowed, above about twenty-five kinds of minerals, according to transparency are divided into the two categories of transparency are divided into transparent and opaque; according to the color is divided into red, pink, blue and colorless, violet, green, yellow, and brown several color - orange. 

Identification can be based on unknown mines or finished products transparency and color, and check the corresponding identification table. For example, there are two different shades of green strips of opaque jewelry, almost certainly malachite, stained agate, dyed stripes marble, green fiber ore, glass or plastic one of these. 

Therefore, for appraisers, the transparency and color of an unknown jewelry is of special importance. It should be noted that magnifying glasses and condenser pens are indispensable for visual observation. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through women earring on seales.
Refractive index
This is the second step of the observation, which aims to reduce the number of suspected minerals after estimating the refractive index range of the jewelry to be measured. 

The appraiser can estimate the range of the refractive index of the mineral from the gloss, and the higher the refractive index, the higher the refractive index. 

A jewel having a diamond luster; its refractive index exceeds the highest range (1.80) of the scale of the refractometer; and has a vitreous sheen with a refractive index of between 1.8---1.5. 

In comparison with jewelry with known refractive indices, the uniformity of gloss can quickly help the appraiser classify the unknown jewels as refractive index or gloss. 

Jewelry with waxy and greasy luster; its polishing surface is generally poor; silky luster suggests that there may be many true inclusions. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion necklaces for women.
The only clear cleavage is diamonds, Topaz, spodumene, and feldspar.

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