Necklace, bracelet, anklet, bracelets, earrings represent what meaning do you know?

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  • Release on :2017-09-04
Couples often give jewelry to each other to express their love. Every piece of jewelry has its love story behind it. Let's get to know it today! Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion necklaces for women.

1 Ring
Ring words: on behalf of love, you to the heart
The ring for love ", only love one life. Ring has become the most direct and sincere expression of love, from courtship, engagement to formal marriage, rings are indispensable. Therefore, the ring is not only a token of love, but also a symbol of marriage.

2 Necklace
Necklace story: on behalf of you tightly locked
I hope he's the only one in your heart. The necklace is very close to the heart, and the necklace will have a lock action, representing the other party do not want you to be robbed of other people, want to accompany you for life.

If you are single, friends stage, then send necklace, on behalf of "I want to love you", necklace homophonic is love, on behalf of want to develop further relations. If a couple, then sent on behalf of the necklace, make the meaning of each other. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through earring manufacturer china.
3 Bracelet
Bracelet represents: want to tie you forever.
The bracelet is homophonic "keep love" is cherished love, girl's mind is to send the boy to represent that want to hold your hand, and grow old or two people together, never separated. The boy delivers the girl bracelet to want to express the meaning, is wants tightly ties together with you, for a lifetime loves with you.

4 bracelets
Story: except for wanting to circle you
It also suggests that he loves you only.
At the same time, bracelets or women's life lover, both the present life and the afterlife, when they are old, bracelets are passed to the daughter or daughter-in-law, bracelets inherit the feelings of Chinese families.

5 Anklet
On behalf of Shuanzhu life story: anklet,
Attached to the afterlife, hope the next life can together. Ankle + Chain = ankle chain, homophonic "Miss" implication, with reluctant to forget the memory, has been going down. Wearing anklets make you more full of personality!

6 Earrings
I hope you are pillow talk, voice, whisper, only to tell you wronged. Earrings, earrings are worn on the left and right sides of the earlobe jewelry, it is close to the heart, so wear the earrings sent by lovers, representing the willing to listen to the voice of love for life.

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