A summer without a necklace can't go out!

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-09-12
Simply think, simple design and blingbling embellishment, even with a little pattern, can please your mood. Think about it, but the summer dress strapless dress home court, a delicate necklace, don't know you, I feel shy to go out. Necklace as the most vulnerable to attention, of course, can not be too careless, that is not responsible for their performance!

Choose necklaces according to the neckline. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion necklaces for women.

Boat neck

This is the legend of the word collar, it is suitable for long necklace, style is not important, the focus is long. The downward effective stretch and the neckline form a "ten" word, and the visual contrast is more desirable and less pleasant. If you want to be a little more elegant, shorten the length of the sag and choose the necklace that surrounds the neck and has a distinctive design.

Scoop neck
Low neck style, but in the style of summer clothing, but permanent guests. Low neckline in the choice of necklace, you can try the pendant necklace or obvious sense, echoing with the collar statement necklace, not only fill the vacant place just fine, but also for the overall sense of the level of look points. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through OEM Copper alloy jewelry supplier.
Crew neck
T-shirts, speaking of crew, means the crew, speaking of crew neck, I think this reflex haihunshan, but the traditional haihunshan neckline, but very "tight". For crew neck, you only need a simple delicate necklace is good, just a not too much, but delicate and generous.

Collar neck
This is a tacit agreement with the necklace, we often say, "white-collar", "blue collar" can be used in the word "collar", and "collar neck" is the style you wear, those who have shirt collar case. If there is a button shirt, it is directly with the statement necklace just fine; but if you unlock the button, tact is to select a short number of falling chain, no exaggeration, but also to meet your beauty heart.

V collar also outstanding in 17 years, the best choice for a simple necklace collocation necklace, not exaggerated, because the V collar, often more noble, the slightest careless, but after all, people often attend important occasions.

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