Jewelry classification 4

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17. Beryl: beryl in its pure state is colorless; different varieties have different colors due to the presence of trace metal oxides. In the presence of chromium oxide or vanadium oxide, it is usually emerald, while aquamarine is colored by ferrous oxide. 

Being a caesium beryl is due to the presence of magnesium, while the beryl is colored by iron oxides. The formula is be3al2 (SiO3) 6. The types of beryl include emerald, aquamarine, maxixe type beryl, gold beryl, caesium beryl, other transparent varieties, cat eye beryl and starlight beryl.

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18. Corundum: corundum is a very common mineral, in addition to starlight gem, only translucent to transparent varieties can be called precious stones. 

The formula is Al2O3, containing chromium oxide is red, containing titanium and iron oxide blue, containing iron oxide yellow, chromium and iron oxide orange, iron and titanium oxide is green, chromium, titanium and iron oxide purple. The types of corundum include ruby, starlight, ruby, sapphire, brilliant sapphire and star sapphire.

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19. Amber: an organic substance. It is a kind of petrified gum containing some ancient trees related to turpentine. The formula is c40h64o4. Amber, amber, pit types include high clean amber, amber, amber, fat piece of amber, amber, turbid global bone perot.

20. Coral: another gem material of biological origin. It is a dendritic calcareous skeleton of coral, which is formed by the proliferation of extremely small marine animals.

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