Earrings common sense

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  • Release on :2017-09-30
Inflammation of the pierced ears confused many women, there are many because of fear of infection and inflammation of the pierced ears pierced ears playing away, actually can be divided into several cases, some pierced ears out of pus, some swollen like a package, more because of a few months to play also Never mind completely healed, the real good after maintenance is pierced important, don't let the inflammation of the pierced ears again troubled beauty of you, when you are to challenge your personality, let us show different colors.

The best time to play pierced ears
Pierced ears is the best time in the year end of March and the end of September, because the weather is just right, neither hot nor cold. Other times is not too cold or too hot, is not conducive to the repair of the ear.

New earring frequency
Do not listen to people who play pierced ears, what can be changed after three days, it is not easy to grow well, and easily lead to inflammation. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide women earring on sale.

Personal experience: be sure to pick it up for almost a month when you turn the earring,

Sensitive skin pierced ears must be careful, because according to scientific principles found that the ear part of the skin is the most able to detect a person's real skin, if the inflammation is serious, must go to the hospital in time to solve.

In addition, to these skin allergies friend some opinions: A, must find the place to hit health; B, earrings must be anti allergy or platinum. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Fashion jewelry wholesale in china.
Ear care pills
Some MM that must never be used aureomycin eye ointment, keep fresh pierced ears, but it is not the case, the pus would have pierced ears pierced ears and earrings to a turn earrings, the original wound long broken again, this is a vicious spiral, if you use ear (that is, earrings), stained with a little aureomycin then, put on it, personally feel that erythromycin better, of course the price is slightly more expensive.

Use: search for use of erythromycin ointment combined with medical alcohol, cleaning time for five days, with silver earrings, or plastic material, the time out before washing with alcohol, pierced earrings, ear plugs, the needle into the ointment Riza Earrings look Zaichuan, while soft paste painted around the pierced ears.

During that time, eat less irritating things, keep ears clean, avoid heavy collisions, so as not to hurt pierced ears, with silver studs and don't change hooks, adhere to a month of pierced ears, not long dead, will not be inflamed.

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