Eight common senses of jewelry

In life, we often misunderstand some people or things. There are two reasons for these misunderstandings: one is the lack of necessary communication between each other; two, the lack of necessary knowledge reserves for something.  Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Jewelry wholesales on line.

In fact, many people in life have misunderstandings about jewelry. Here, treasure sister for everyone in the jewelry industry, the most easily misunderstood 8 knowledge, it is said that many people have been fooled!

Myth 1: only the ruby produced in Burma can be called "pigeon blood red”

A lot of people mention Burma, will think of "pigeon blood red", the same, when it comes to "pigeon blood red" immediately think, must be produced in Burma. Indeed, the Burma pigeon Valley produced pigeon blood ruby is indeed an old brand, regardless of quality or market value are very high. But after a long period of mining, the yield and average quality have declined.

Besides, "pigeon blood red" as a top Ruby variety, it has a special set of standards. Simply put, as long as there is a certain intensity of fluorescence and in the standard color gamut of ruby, no matter where it is produced can be issued "pigeon blood red" certificate. For example, people have selected many high-quality rubies in modern mining areas in Mozambique.

Myth two: jewelry has radiation that can cause cancer
In fact, there are two main reasons: one is the radioactive jewelry jewel in the process of formation and next to it long with radioactive material to grow; another reason is that people in order to get the beautiful colors of some gems were irradiated. Meilanxuan woman's necessities, provide Fashion jewelry wholesale in china.
However, the gems we have mined now have undergone hundreds of millions of years of crustal changes, so their radioactivity has long decayed and does not have any harm, so they can be assured to wear it. As another kind of artificial radiation, usually for this operation are regular manufacturers, they are usually in the gem after irradiation for a period of time, and then sold on the market, while the weak radiation has not what harm to human body.

Misunderstanding three: silver is black because the body is out of order
In the TV drama we can often see such a plot: a man carrying a silver hairpin to wine in a release, the silver hairpin turns black, then the wine is toxic. And in reality, when someone found himself wearing silver jewelry after dark, doubt whether his body is out of order.

In fact, treasure sister want to say this is purely because of black silver makes groundless statement, TV material is arsenic in sulfur. And we usually see the silver black, just a normal "oxidation reaction" just, and physical health or not have any relationship.

And there is a more humorous online statement, that is, the extent of black silver is likely to be related to the frequency of your bath."  If you need more information, please click Fashion popular women earring.