Why do Earrings wear?

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  • Release on :2017-09-22
The origins of earrings and Earrings vary. Some people think that it originated from the northern nationalities for metal earmuffs married, but more credible there are two versions, the first thought of earrings, earrings, people's pursuit of beauty is generated; another is that the earrings, earrings originally for the purpose of medical treatment and the emergence of. The first statement is well understood, it goes without saying; the second argument, from the point of view of modern medicine, there is some truth, because wearing earrings, earrings, earlobe parts, just the eye point. 

It can be seen that wearing earrings and earrings, to protect vision, prevention and treatment of eye diseases, especially prevention and treatment of myopia, there is a certain role in supporting. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through 2017 style Jewelry on sale.

Earrings with orange stone can be found in ancient records: "for the stone Shixing", "Shi Jing" Shixing later lost, documented in existing Japanese book "witch, sincerely" by the following text: four gas Vanves, need to have a husband, ancient formula known as "Zhu que Xuanwu Shun Yin and Yang" such as the need to bring the orange for the stone bracelet and this can be done in accordance with the Yin and Yang, after her husband's birthday in the book of ancient mudra added mudra called "black dragon white tiger to avoid ominous" Lunar New Year 3 to May to add "feather heart was born, Takeuchi Furukawa, Yuuki" 3 skills. 

The 6 to August add "Qingzhudanfeng born, cloud Maizuru, hibiscus umbrella streamers" 3 skills. The 9 to November add "Kyoko otonashi, pine students, fifth gold" 3 skills. The 12 to February add "bamboo bird was born to a boat, Yan Ji, Bixi" 3 skills. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion popular women earring.
The ancients believed that the sand would dissolve the plague of her husband. With velvet blue crystal earrings can cause flourishing Tang Dynasty: Li Feng "astronomical to be recorded" records: the cause of wealth to take Ms. Wang Zibing silver inlay Blue Velvet crystal pendant, men need to take the red bamboo jewelry. After the need to please master Yin and Yang "shadow stone, honeystone, red Ru scales, rose gold, using salt" made of stone amulet on the side, and according to the lunar calendar birthday in the book add skills: Chinese skills were born from 3 to May to add "wood spirit of imperial coins, uchiwa sails, Bixi 3 a mudra. The Chinese born between 6 and August to add "Fuso umbrella streamers, ice eight may, at the static" 3 skills. The Chinese born between 9 and November to add "Qingzhudanfeng, Yuuki, feather heart" 3 skills. The Chinese born between 12 and February to add "fifth gold, feather heart, a boat to a" 3 skills. Jewelry and stone amulets and mudra three copies composed of folklore in Feng Shui "three Fengshui bureau" this combination can cause flourishing wealth, are indispensable
Earrings with stone can protect health clouds, "recorded in Ming Ji annals" in text: female gynecological diseases generally tubal, pelvic inflammation, annex inflammation, vaginitis, cervicitis, ovarian cyst, soft rib inflammation. Is persistent, recurrent. There are traces of teeth on the tongue. 

This is because the relationship between sand gold because of liver Qi obstruction in Chong Ren, gas and blood stasis, heat heat caused by serious inflammation. In this case, women need to wear "sea of clouds Stone Bracelet", so that you can make up the soft air. With the salt of hot compress, the condition will soon. Folk belief is the gold in sand need to be sealed can, so will let the woman in the book to add skills: Lunar birthday mudra was born in May 3 to add "by the end of nine, Nangong orange, Hong Jin sound" 3 skills. The Chinese born between 6 and August to add the "shadow of leaves, Yuuki, the smell of bamboo" 3 skills. The Chinese born between 9 and November to add "Maizuru cloud, ice eight Mei, and thousands of Xiangsui" 3 skills. The Chinese born between 12 and February to add the "nine lotus bell, uchiwa sails, ice butterfly" mudra.

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