How to solve the nine ways of maintaining jewelry 2

In fact, there are many details that must be paid attention to in the maintenance and cleaning of jewelry, such as: don't touch jewelry with your hands often; Do not allow perfume to be sprayed onto the jewelry. The pearls should always be soaked in water to replenish the humidity. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is not commonly used, and it is necessary to check regularly for loose drillers... And so on. There are nine kinds of things that should be paid attention to and the maintenance method is provided for the consumer to avoid unintentional injury. Denyse woman's necessities, provide Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer.
Use ultrasonic cleaning machine carefully
Ultrasound washing machine of k gold precious stones jewelry, k gold washing function of jewelry do have a very good washing effect, in particular to a crack in the stone, the brush to brush the dust clean grease stain. But the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not for all gems, such as emerald, pearl... The structure of a special structure, such as a special structure, can be destroyed when the ultrasound is washed, so it should be avoided. Rinse and ultrasound machine while cleaning effect is good, but do not use it because it works often, if used too frequently, easy to make small drill cannot afford many shocks and loose even fell.

Pay attention to acids and alkaloids

Contact with some of the material in our daily life or food, containing different concentrations of acid or alkali, and these different concentrations of acid and alkali chemical may damage the gem, especially pearls; Or other organic gems. The use of everyday cosmetics should be avoided.
Ferial dress should look after makeup and perfume, when to wear jewelry, in order to avoid high levels of direct contact to the surface of jewelry, cosmetics, perfume should be added such as perfume, should also avoid will be perfume gush wine directly to the surface of jewelry.Denyse create beauty for every woman through Fashion necklaces for women
Pay attention to jewelry
When wearing a jewelry or ring with a claw, you should avoid getting the clothes, bags, and clothes, and if you get the clothes, you don't cause the main stone to fall off immediately. In general, jewelry should be worn in the order of clothing and jewelry. Is it dangerous to wear a single diamond ring with a claw in your hand, and then dress and wear silk stockings for clothing, silk stockings and precious stones?There are many kinds of jewelry set method, and not on the clothes with the insurance law is set, but the whole package with waist circumference encase, make the light inaccessible, moreover because k gold part use morer, so the visual effect is not as claw set comes pin her charming, so now ZhuBao field one of the most popular is still predominantly claw set, but need to pay attention to wear order.

The tip of a small jewelry bag
You may have heard that some people put jewelry on the sink when they wash their hands, accidentally drop a ground injury or slide into a sink. Or forget that there is a sink, but that is something that can be avoided. When you buy jewelry, the jewelry store will give you a small jewelry box, put the jewelry inside, make the jewelry look beautiful and beautiful. It is a pity that many people take the jewelry out and put it in a drawer in their home. Actually this little jewel box has its use, it is small and do not take a place, portable, when go out to wash their hands but will ring off, conveniently in the jewellery box, if such a habit can greatly reduce the risk of gem ring is lost. So don't bother, take a small ring box with you.

Examine jewelry regularly
Busy modern consumer often busy after back home will take off, jewelry in the jewelry box, take out again next to remember when wearing, jewelry is being recycled, perhaps you also spend little spirit to examine it. Taking more time to take care of your jewelry can greatly reduce the risk, such as if the jewelry is solid and not loose. Is the pearl necklace firmly tied? Is the elastic between clip earrings reduced? Or screw contact... And so on.If you need more information, please click women earring on seales.