Eight common senses of jewelry 2

In life, we often misunderstand some people or things. There are two reasons for these misunderstandings: one is the lack of necessary communication between each other; two, the lack of necessary knowledge reserves for something. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Fashion jewelry wholesale.

In fact, many people in life have misunderstandings about jewelry. Here, treasure sister for everyone in the jewelry industry, the most easily misunderstood 8 knowledge, it is said that many people have been fooled!

Myth four: Gem hardness is very high, not bound

In fact, this is only true for the first half, because most precious stones have very high hardness, such as diamonds, which are the hardest substances in nature.

But the diamond, though it is hard, is very fragile, and it falls easily and falls easily. For example: the glass is harder than wood, but with a little wood is easy to break the glass, because the hardness and brittleness are two completely different concepts. Meilanxuan woman's necessities, provide Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer.
Misunderstanding five: pearl jewelry need water maintenance
In life, many people believe that pearls come from water, so they are not afraid of water. Even some people think that the maintenance of pearls can not be separated from water.

In fact, this view is wrong, because the Pearl from the mother shell stripped out, it is no longer suitable for long time contact. This is mainly because the Pearl has water absorption, and if it is washed or soaked with water, the water will go into the small hole in the pearl.

As a result, the Pearl empty water is not only difficult to wipe dry, but also may make fermentation inside, beads may also become green, and eventually lead to cracks occur in pearls and so on. If you need more information, please click Fashion necklaces for women.