What? Pick earrings, but also face?

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-10-23
Round face
In fact, the different shape of the face earrings are not the same, if only follow the popular money to walk, accidentally stepped on the thunder, leading to a big tragedy! Moonfaced woman will face more meat, choose earrings when must remember to avoid minefields - rounded, stacked earrings. The more mellow, the greater the volume is more and more big!

Like it again, please avoid this circle! To avoid the minefield is certainly not enough, find the modified face wear earrings is amazing! A woman's love is long earrings earrings.Slender style can elongate the face shape visually, to achieve the magical effect of face lift!

Square face
Always think square face star than face even worse, because the jaw wide and big, looks not only face also reveals a country face tough atmosphere. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Pandora fashion stainless steel jewelry.
Square face facial lines relatively tough, so, in order not to make themselves appear more strongly, try to avoid the edges of the earring ~ and this is short and round earrings are also not suitable for square face, just in the cheek awkward length will make the face look more and more wide and! The square face Star Earrings what is the correct way to open? In fact, very simple, choose radian, mellow. 

Earrings style, can neutralize the hard lines of the face, very suitable for square face. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion popular women earring.

For example, shaped earrings, hard lines soft square face. This sphere can be oh, remember to cross jaw length! Exaggerated oversize style is also very suitable for square face, the same length should be long enough to remember the Earrings ~ square face wearing this style is easy to wear out personalized feel! A tassel effect is bang bang ~ face people can try.

Long face
Long face people choose earrings also pay attention to, if you do not consider yourself a long face, and chose not suitable for earrings, the effect is really a little melancholy.....Long face Zuiji slender earrings, it will make your face look longer long... Long face do not choose long earrings! Act in a diametrically opposite way, short length, lateral width of earrings, most can decorate a long face.

For example, solid round earrings that are not suitable for round faces are popular in long face stars! Choose the best ~ exaggerated big rings are a long face girl principle is actually very simple, short and wide Earrings could be visually widened long face, play the role of facial modification.
egg Face / oval face
Why do you write these two faces together? Because the limitations of these two faces are really too much! Less! The! And you'll find that the goddess is basically the two faces!

Because the oval face jaw tip, can choose style large earrings to the edge and, however, if you love it is pointed chin... Ignore this part ~ oval shape in the choice of earrings is more free, it can be said that the fundamental zero limit! Large, small, long, short, square, round can easily hold live! Love what style you choose what style, all-match and amazing people envy.

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