Family Stones: Designers Who Can Revamp Heritage Jewelry

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-11
Time to create the most impressive collection of jewelry. Over the years, many generations of people often spread their works in the name of love, to family members or to purchase spontaneously. Some women have accumulated the treasure chest that they can compete with the European royalty. Sadly, though, this precious ornament may eventually decline in drawers or in the safe, because our way of life has evolved, and today's formal jewellery suits may appear out of date or even showy. Contemporary design with the ability to wear everyday is now popular, but any fashion woman who deserves her weight still needs glamorous jewelry to express her personality.

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The dilemma is how to cash in precious decorations, and change them to satisfy women's current taste. If this idea can only cause concern, we can consider some of the top jewellers recently completed on behalf of their customers.

The British jewel Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) is increasingly responding to the voices of women who want to reshape their precious jewels for startups. "Last year I had a customer entering my showroom, basically putting the crown jewels on my desk," Webster said, she had a salon in the mefel District of London. "The jewels of Bvlgari and David Maurice are wonderful, with amazing gems, but they no longer wear them." He took apart the jewels and rebuilt important sapphires with several modern asymmetrical earrings, and in a series of bracelets, to minimize the use of diamonds to make it less formal. "She brought her jewelry back," he said, "but it's more useful, because it is suitable for her life."

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It is understandable that women may hesitate to separate precious parts. But when a piece of work comes from a top jeweler, its real value often lies in its outstanding gem. "It's like redecorating your home," said Glenn Spiro, a London jeweler. After 20 years, your home will be a little tired, but you will not dump the house, you will redesign it. Why shouldn't you do the same thing with jewelry? A client recently brought him an old necklace with huge yellow diamonds and asked him to use extraordinary stones. Spiro creates four new styles from the necklace, including charming chandelier earrings, yellow diamonds with blue, titanium and gold contrast. The classic design has become a new look.

"Today is more about the jewelry style, rather than the size of the stone," Beverly Hills jeweler Martin Katz said. With the increase of women's age, he said their styles changed. The works they bought 10 or 20 years ago were no longer their taste. But he adds that no matter how old they are, women like fashionable, fashionable and wearable jewelry during the day or night. To this end, he recently redesigned a customer's 11-carat classic emerald ring, with two important diamonds on both sides of the ring and a circle of emerald in a ring of stone. The result is a delicate and exquisite tone ring with modern style.

"We have experienced jewelry period -- decorative art, 70s style. The past 20 years have been the jewelry era," Spiro said. Not long ago, people wanted jewelry to look as large as possible. Now its style is fashionable, fashionable, and full of colors and materials. "He is the precious heirloom jewels with bold colors and materials (such as wood, titanium and resin combination). "It makes it cool and wearable, and they go out with beautiful things, not just a bunch of stones."

Last year, when a client came to the Geneva Syz's Geneva showroom, she sought a contemporary alternative to the grandmother's classic ring - a 35-carat sea blue gemstone from the Santa Maria de Itabira mine that is now exhausted - Zurich born jewelry designer is famous for his bold creation. A Mason of Idar-Oberstein, China, carved out a new rock crystal environment for this stone. "People connect to contemporary art, and they want to improve jewelry design," Syz said. He used sapphire to surround blue stones. She said that despite its size, rings are not "screaming carats". Moreover, she pointed out, "you can wear it day and night."

This kind of durability and versatile is really important. As the Paris high custom fashion show in January proved, fashion is changing to a more streamlined contemporary aesthetic, and jewelry needs to be seamlessly matched with clothing. That's why Hongkong jewelry designer Michelle Ong is making more sophisticated brooches and pendant necklaces to match women's wardrobe. When one guest sent her a string of Burma Ruby and another sapphire, she made five brooches, earrings and rings from the jewels, and added other red and blue gemstones to create subtle tones. "Asian women like to wear jewelry on day and night," Weng said. "Brooches are more versatile and witty.

Maybe this is the main point: Jewelry -- even our most precious jewelry -- should be very interesting and easy to wear. In the hands of today's top jewelers, yesterday's classic works can become today's outstanding works. This is not to say that today's successful women need to wear anything important to prove anything -- on the contrary, observe Webster. "But they still like great jewels," he said. "I'm breaking the form of jewelry while retaining its intrinsic value."

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