Exquisite mind only cherry you TASAKI Valentine's Day romantic recommended

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-02-09
Love like gorgeous fireworks, bathing in love lovers, two relative to each other's heart, like pearls like a moist, like a company like a diamond. Wonderful love and mascara, is the mystic feelings, is a wonderful symphony, is also a wonderful Titan dream, it deserves the best praise in the world and praise. This Valentine's Day, Tasaki carefully selected modern jewelry, to tell you love story touching, to the fans of Sansi who gave a beautiful and meaningful blessing. Wonderful mind, just cherry you. Years will be gentle, hand in hand in romantic, sweet life always go hand in hand.

Love is a romantic encounter, but also collide heart and heart. Wonderful care wonderful love, beautiful and long-term love makes positive, and continue to bloom of unique light. "Betty" balance diamond solo balance series Fashion necklaces for women With sleek, compact design and exquisite pearls and diamond highlights - TASAKI has two classic elements of unique light. My house means "small", "my home" balance diamond solo balance series use exquisite craftsmanship exquisite craftsmanship, combined with elegant pearl and shining diamond, elegant design gorgeous style, bright diamond highlight inlaid in a row of color, size and harmony unique beauty Between the pearls, which completely showed the eternal luster of these two natural stones.
Love is a lover all the way to stick to, but also two hearts to each other guard without guard each other. Tasaki Burley Star Holiday series meets the eternal stars Elegant and romantic Haoyo makes a perfect combination of irregular stars and soft pearls, highlighting the unique design essence of Tasaki, offering wonderful holiday wishes to lovers who are hugging each other.
Jane Star holiday series using 18K gold painted irregular shape of the comet, different sizes of pearls collide ingenious, such as stars in the night sky and meet Haoyu and guard. More sparkling diamonds dotted with a delicate outline of irregular stars, pearl twinkling pearls depicts a star in the sky across a graceful gesture, given the pleasure of the full jewels of agility. This section also added a jewelry chain bracelet, pearls and star wings, revealing an intelligent and always gentle ambience in the wrist. These small smart jewelry perfect interpretation of belong only to romantic moments each other and never travel true true eternal time. Heart "Star" printing stage, but also a symbol of romantic atmosphere will always stay around each other.

The initial appearance of love is a sweet temptation, is mutual attraction and proximity to the soul. In the Garden of Eden, Eve fell in love with Adam after eating an apple symbolizing the "fruit of wisdom." Based on this beautiful story in Genesis, Cogel combines pearls with stunning gems with high quality diamonds, with apple design and leaves as a design element, and wonderful sophistication in two dimensions, symbolizing timeless romance of cherry blossoms to be embellished for people who love to offer the most beautiful love of Praise.Sakura's words are love and hope, representing a happy life. Tasaki ingenuity will be aesthetic cherries and romantic frame freezes. Happiness symbol of the melody, Tasaki piano piano series with cherry gold on the wonderful love of show grace and joy, a smooth loop like piano keys when jumping from soft notes and ethereal clarity of tone, like a shining year with love of glory. Diamond inlaid in the surface of the slender ring, showing a wonderful low-level feeling, sweet love interpretation of sweet and personal. On your Valentine's Day like this, wearing a piano piano series sapphire
Fashion charm rose gold plated jewelry , Pure long-lasting romantic love at your fingertips.