Exaggerated style leads the trend

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-25
For those who do not particularly like to wear necklaces and rings, the only accessory that will start is the earrings, especially for the exaggerated style of the earrings (Statement Earrings), in a winter outfit dominated by dark black tones, Even if you wear a dark gray, big earrings on the ears can make the overall shape more rich, people look very bright from afar.

1. Spherical
If you don't like people who are too high-profile, wear a ball with a degenerate design line. You can refer to Irene Kim's choice of soft rose gold, and the warm sweater is also quite temperamental. If it is a short hair girl, it is particularly suitable for big earrings. If it is a long-haired girl, you can wrap the hair into a small Baotou, so that the ball earrings swaying in the ear, especially feminine.

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2. Rhinestone
With rhinestones as a design element for earrings, there is a worry that you can avoid being careless and may be too ostentatious. If you have worn rhinestone earrings, you can choose a whimsical dress, like a black sweater, and Or intellectual windbreaker, in fact, match up, but exceptional temperament.

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3. Gold system
In recent years, the popularity of gold has surpassed silver. In winter this year, many fashion bloggers choose to wear golden earrings. The shape can be a romantic flower or a simple geometric circle. In short, it is easy to build and simple. Gas field, golden jewelry is the idea that the elders will wear it is already a past style, boldly try it back, I love golden earrings, with black, dark blue wool coats are quite a temperament, do not worry about old-fashioned

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4. Fringe strips
The earrings of fringe strip design give people a more casual feel, so I would suggest that if you wear it, you can choose this type of earrings. Even a street style sweater or a suit jacket is very Jokers, the degree of fashion does not lose the pictorial model.