"Earrings and hairstyle collocation" strategy, let you stand out!

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-10-31
Pearl Earring
Has been considered to be a symbol of femininity, now so many good-looking pearl earrings on the market, which one is more suitable for you? Pearl earrings and hairstyle to build on the more points, different Pearl Earrings how to match the hairstyle can be more beautiful?

1, short hair
Handsome short hair makes you look so full of personality, so you can also make bold attempts to make a difference in the choice of Pearl earrings. It is recommended to refer to "asymmetric hairstyle" with an exaggerated Pearl earring. Pearl earrings can be seen everywhere, but do you dare to try such a big one? 

With it, the "asymmetrical" hairstyle, you can also control very well! Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through earring manufacturer china.

2, long hair
If only ordinary straight hair, you can match the unique design, fashionable sense of earrings, so that your hair is no longer monotonous. Simple geometric pearl earrings, you can achieve a very good effect of modification!
3, curly hair
If you are short hair BOB head, sexy hair and pearls, very spicy eyes. If you are a long hair, for example, choose the tassel pearl earrings, tassels are recent popular elements, comb the half ball head or half Ponytail Hair left relatively thin, add a pair of earring. Can increase the sense of hierarchy.

4, Bob
Drooping hair full of feminine tenderness, with pearl collocation can be to maximize the display, reflect your unassuming but a very quality. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide new style Jewelry on sale.

After seeing the matching of these hairstyles and pearl earrings, can you not be able to do it? A pair of exquisite earrings can bring elegance and fashion style, whether it is short or long hair. Elegant chic or neat oil head hair stars of love, there is always a pearl earrings for you!

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