Don't worry about your figure, fashion costume metal belt supplier can help you

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-16
Not every woman have good sexy figure, but a right belt can make up your deficiencies in figure

First of all, for women with a very narrow waist, it is very easy to pick a belt that is right for you.It should be noted that women who are thin need not emphasize your slim waist.They are suitable for putting the belt on the hip site.Choosing the belt for women who have the standard body is no problem.They only paying attention to temperament and style

Second, for the women with fat waist, first of all, they should take care not to let their belts expose on the outside.Waist fat people usually have a little stomach, so you can choose belt wore on the hip side,and let the belt ride in the highest place in the belly.It is noted that fat waist women had better choose the belt with decoration live flower or bow tie.In addition, it will be better to match a coat.

Third, for the women with long waist, they usually have shorter legs and longer upper bodies.Wide waist can manifest the waist side. The choice of color needs to match the upper.

For the women with long leg, need only pay attention to wearing the belt on the hip.

The next is woman with sexy buttocks,the belts that are too thin or too wide are not suitable for them
They can only choose a belt with a moderate width and a simple style.They are suitable for putting the belt on the navel.If you wear a jacket and expose only the belt buckle, the effect will be better

A wowan with a bad height do not choose the belt that conflicts with the color of the clothes.This will make people have a visual difference because of the color contrast.They are suitable for wearing belts that are the same color as the clothes and have a simple style.