Democratizing Fine Jewelry

  • Author:Meilanxuan
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  • Release on :2018-04-13
There are always important differences between fashion jewelry and premium jewelry. Brands such as Chanel, Louis Weedon and Fendi can make thousands of dollars worth of man-made jewels made mainly by the logo rather than the materials they use. This is not the case for jewelers who want to maintain real trade without the pride of compromise between precious metals or precious stones.

However, more high-end jewelry retailers are finding themselves in a customer's spontaneous purchase of their own world, and the price is reasonable.

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This trend reached its peak 10 years ago, at that time gold prices fell to a low level and the economy dropped sharply. So some companies began to turn to the substitute metals such as tungsten, cobalt and titanium, while others turned to field of fashion jewelry.

Retailers reported customers who walked into stores willing to spend more money. Jewelers are tired of fashion products with limited quality. How do jewelers balance consumers' spontaneous purchases or those jewelers still adhere to the idea of a high-end jewelry store?

Royal Chain has maintained its reputation as a senior jewelry manufacturer and has found a bridge by creating Phillip Gavriel to offer high-quality jewelry at a price of $100 to $6500. This series only use precious metals such as 925 pure silver and adds 18 K gold, gemstones and diamonds as accents. Phillip Gabriel Maroof, the creative director, and designer of the Royal chain store named its branch brand Phillip Gavriel, calling it the democratization of high-end jewelry.

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"I was given a design to create a collection for those advanced jewels," Maroof explained, pointing out that he collaborated with the craftsmen in Italy to create this series. He also said, "I think there is something missing in the jewelry store, and a real brand always sticks to the idea of the right advanced jewelry and exquisite workmanship so that it is possible to be accepted by more people. From the early stage, retailers have noticed that the market has changed dramatically, and people begin to see the value and price ratio of jewelry. "

The superior technology of this series is worth mentioning with his price. Dragonfly series is featured by handmade silver, gold, and gemstones. The price ranges from 100 US dollars to 500 dollars, which are all hand-made in Bali. Every strand of Silver Woven series manually welded. Then the Popcorn series, which has been one of the brand's trademark appearances for years, has bracelets, handmade Handcrafted in Italy, and retail prices from $300. "Bracelets are one of the ways we" hold "people", "Maroof said, referring to retailers looking for the magical price point and consumers who tend to be stacked collectors.

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Ten years later, with the growth of the economy and its parent company celebrating its establishment 40th anniversary, PhillipGavriel has expanded to 18 K gold range. Last year, he launched his Woven series gold. In January of this year, Popcorn debuted for the first time. Noteworthy works include a 14K Gold Bracelet inlaid with diamonds, $6500, a 14K Gold Diamond Necklace, $1950 for diamonds, and a 14K polished classic ring shaped earring for $550.

In the past 10 years, the brand of Maroof has changed from a female population over 40 to a young group over 30 years old. It has also introduced more works for men.
Over the next few years, Maroof says he plans to design two series each year, expand to more categories, innovate through new metals, jewels and technologies, and invest in brand awareness through comprehensive marketing and investment, and provide support to more than 200 retailers now. Advertising strategies include traditional printing, digital and social media.