Workplace jewelry with "hidden rules"2

It is true that the workplace is a battlefield.Almost every woman has struggled in the workplace, and most office workers spend almost a third of their day in the office, so pay attention! In the workplace, dressing up is a seemingly smokeless battlefield. While it's important to say that your job skills are important, a good image can really make a good impression on your colleagues and leaders.

Best career jewelry list

1.Small, delicate precious metal jewelry
There's nothing better for the workplace than small, delicate pieces of jewelry. They are ornamental and not overtly public, giving the overall shape the finishing touch, which is also the proper way to open good taste. Meilanxuan woman's necessities, provide Copper alloy jewelry supplier china.
2. Inexpensive and versatile mid-range gems
Although too expensive gem not recommended to wear recently, but medium grade gem jade can start. Medium - grade gems are popular with modern professionals regardless of design, price, color and so on. The most common are pearls and diamonds.

(1) the pearl
The most suitable gem for career wear, I say pearl should have no one to object to? Pearl's biggest advantage is to be in a hundred lap, regardless of whether to wear the professional dress or casual wear, the pearl definitely can give your overall modelling bonus points.

(2) diamond
As long as there is a diamond in the place, must be glittering, this is the glamour of fire color. Diamonds are elegant and delicate, and they can make you shine without stealing your thunder.The principles of professional jewelry. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through 925 silver jewelry manufacturer china.
Choose jewelry according to your work environment

1.If you're in a more conservative industry, you can't be too showy with your outfit and accessories. 
If you want to be open, the choice of jewelry is also broader. In short, the degree of freedom of the office environment determines how bold your jewelry is.

2.Jewelry is more than a thing
It's best to choose one or three pieces of work accessories, and if you do, it will be a bit tedious and easy to catch.If you like, you should choose the most secure and lowest tone, so as not to make mistakes. If not, I'd rather not. If you need more information, please click Titanium alloy jewelry wholesales.